Ancient Chinese face-reading theory vs modern stances on skin health.

Traditional Chinese face-reading experts hold that a sudden change in your skin’s condition is often caused by an underlying health issue. They look at different areas of the face, which are believed to be linked to specific bodily systems, for signs of general health and well-being. So do modern-day experts agree? Here’s what our panel had to say.

Face-reading theory A breakout on the cheek area is linked to an issue in your respiratory system. It is suggested that asthma, smoking and allergies can contribute to flare-ups on your cheeks.

Dr M Muhanyisi Mukansi, a dermatologist at Razorite Medical Centre, says: ‘Flare-ups on the cheek area are typically caused by exposure to bacteria which then causes inflammation. These bacteria can be transferred to your cheeks through dirty cellphone screens, pillows, unclean hands and even oily hair. Sometimes diet, certain medications and internal ailments may aggravate your cheek acne.’

Prevention tips ‘Cleanse and moisturise twice a day. Try to minimise the application of oils and rather stick to oil-free facial creams. Avoid touching your face, clean your cellphone screen daily and change your pillow covers regularly.’

Face-reading theory Breakouts on the chin and jaw area are linked to a hormonal imbalance in your body.

Dr MukansI says, ‘Hormonal changes in the body, mostly related to menstrual cycle, can lead to bumps in this area. Hormones cause excess oil production which then results in acne formation.’ She adds that ‘processed foods, oily make-up formulas, poor hygiene and incorrect use of shaving razors in men can worsen acne.’

Prevention tips She recommends drinking plenty of water and avoiding processed foods. ‘I usually suggest opting for low-carb and low-dairy meals.’ And the most crucial tip of all? ‘Don’t pick your spots!’ It’s a habit that will only further irritate your skin and leave you with lasting scarring.

Hot tip! Products that contain witch hazel or tea tree oil can help treat acne.

Face-reading theory Breakouts on the forehead correlate to your digestive system and indicate an unbalanced diet.

Dr Nomphelo Gantsho, a dermatologist at Cape Skin Doctor says, ‘The relationship between diet and acne is highly controversial. There is a possibility that certain foods can worsen or trigger acne. Recent studies have supported the association of high glycemic index-foods (sugars, starch, white rice and corn) with acne flare-ups. What we do know is that genetics and hormones certainly appear to play a dominant role in acne.’

Prevention tips ‘Maintain a regular skincare routine; this will get your skin clean and remove any excess oils that could be blocking your pores and triggering pimples.’

Face-reading theory Flare-ups on the nose are directly linked to your body’s cardiovascular system, ie your heart. However stress, anxiety and high blood pressure will usually provoke inflammation and redness on and around the nose.

Dr Gantsho says, ‘Because pores on the nose are larger, they can clog more easily and this results in bumps and pimples. But not all nose pimples are acne. Before you seek treatment, it’s important to determine the cause, as pimples can either be acne or rosacea (inflamed red bumps on the skin).’

Prevention tips ‘Take extra steps to prevent acne from creeping up with the use of over-the-counter treatments that are effective in combating mild acne. However, if your breakout persists with little or no improvements, contact a dermatologist.’

By Zipho Ntloko

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