Kagiso Madupe is well known for his role as Mangi Nyathi on Scandal!, but there’s more to the man than acting – he’s also a doting dad!

He is known for his role as Mangi Nyathi on popular soapie Scandal! – a character he’s played for more than 12 years. And he plays bad boy Thabiso in the recently launched Harvest. He is also a director, producer and entrepreneur. However, he says his most important roles are father and husband. We talk to him about family and fatherhood, and we find out what type of man he is from those who know him best.

One of the most valuable lessons he learnt growing up is evident when he arrives for our interview right on time. ‘My father taught me to respect time. I still put it on my profile that I am never late,’ he smiles. Dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt, which he pairs with trendy aviator sunglasses, a relaxed Kagiso tells us some more about the many life lessons his father imparted to him.

‘From him, I learnt that hard work pays off, and that for one to learn one should humble oneself,’ he says. He recalls the joy he felt when he and his father took walks to the barber, which was a time they used to have father-and-son talks.

‘I learnt that your family comes first. I would go hungry as long as my family is sorted.’ He says that he still finds it difficult to dine out without his family. ‘A man should take food home!’ he smiles.

He is the father of two girls, six-year-old Tshimollo and 15-month-old Motheo. We ask what he considers the biggest lessons he wants them to learn. ‘Be fearless, but respect and be inspired by life. They need to respect everyone, because everyone has something to teach. I also want them to respect their culture. That is very important.’ On his parenting style, he says, 

‘I am an open-minded father, in the same way my father was. I am very involved with even the tiniest things my kids get up to. I am a fun father but I’m also strict. I balance it out by taking walks and listening to them. I like to be led and guided, so that I don’t impose my upbringing on them.’

Kagiso’s social media accounts are filled with pictures of his gorgeous wife, Liza, and the snaps are usually accompanied by a beautiful message. We ask about their relationship. ‘She taught me the power of silence,’ he says with a broad smile. ‘She is my friend, a place I can just be myself. We shape and support one another. I always say I see the beauty of God through her and my kids.’

Asked about his work ethic, he smiles. ‘I can’t relax. I used to, but now I don’t. I am a work horse.’ He says this is due to the harsh environment of the entertainment industry, adding, ‘I have to constantly look for opportunities.’

We ask him about being part of the Scandal! cast for so long. ‘I grew up there,’ he smiles. ‘I even took my sisters through school because of that show. I love the people, they are family.’

Asked if he has any other productions in the pipeline, he says, ‘I am working on a film, and my daughter Tshimollo is going to feature in it.’ Besides the film, he mentions that he is working on what he calls his 17 plans for 2017.

17 PLANS FOR 2017
‘I was born on the 17th and it is 2017, so I wrote down 17 things I want to achieve this year,’ he says. ‘So far I have achieved three. One of the things I wanted to achieve was to write a book – and it will be launched in September! I also wanted to be circumcised, and this was recently done too.’

Kagiso is an ambassador for the Brothers for Life campaign, that promotes positive male norms, including medical circumcision. In a Daily Sun article, he appealed to South African men to join him in ‘a celebration of masculinity, brotherhood and good health’. He called on men to be circumcised with him on Saturday, 11 March 2017, saying that there were 200 clinics involved, and it would be absolutely free.

The event was a massive success, with more than 1 000 people attending. ‘I want to change perceptions,’ Kagiso says. ‘I don’t want this to be a taboo subject. At some point, HIV was a taboo subject too, but we overcame that.’

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