Almost everyone forgets where they've put their car keys every now and then, but when you start forgetting big stuff like taking your medication it might be a cause for concern. We live in a fast-paced world, and with so many things to do in 24-hours, it’s easy to forget important things like paying a bill, a loved one's birthday or work meetings.

It is frustrating and embarrassing to have memory glitches and could be a cause for concern when it happens too often. There are a number of causes that aggravate memory loss. Not getting enough sleep is the most common one, as too little sleep leads to mood changes and anxiety resulting in problems with memory. Sometimes memory loss can also be a result of certain types of medications.

Are you forgetful? Take this quiz to find out if your memory is in tip-top shape or needs a bit of a work-out.

Here are a few memory techniques to better improve your memory

  • Playing brain games like crosswords, suduko or jigsaw puzzles increase your concentration and helps with recollection and retaining information. 
  • Use your cellphone organiser to set alarms. This is quite useful if you have important tasks to do such as taking medication and attending important meetings at work. 
  • Set a storage space for everything. Create a space where you place your car and house keys, bills that need to paid, pills you have to take, etc. This creates a one-stop area where you first look for your items before going into a panic.
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