Want to share special moments with your partner without breaking the bank? We have some ideas.

With the cost of living on the rise, it's almost impossible to have a date night without spending more money than you'd like. To keep the flame burning, even when the purse strings are tight, we've come up with five creative ways to treat your love to a romantic date night worth remembering.

Cooking a meal together is an intimate process and will allow you and your partner to relax, enjoy one another’s company and create something delicious together. Make a game out of it and use food items you already have in your home to create a three-course restaurant- quality meal to challenge you and your partner’s culinary creativity. Not only will you impress each other with your kitchen skills, but upping your teamwork and communication will strengthen your bond.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss night in, there’s nothing better than chilling with your partner and binge-watching a TV series both of you love. Surprise your partner with their favourite snacks and cuddle up under a blanket while you connect over your love of comedy, drama or action. If you prefer movies, choose a classic one that you both love or make it a double feature and pick one each. Love is about compromise, after all.

Hit those high notes and spoil your partner with a sweet serenade on the karaoke mic! YouTube has karaoke versions of all your favourite songs with lyrics to make it easier to sing your way deeper into your partner’s heart. Or be adventurous and find a local karaoke bar to take your gesture of love public. Even if you’re not the best singer, your partner will appreciate the sentiment. It may even end with the two of you singing a duet!

Lay your most comfy, cosy blankets on the floor. Use pillows for extra comfort and add beautiful flowers and candles around the area for décor. In the spirit of romance, create a list of your favourite things about each other and remind your partner why they mean so much to you. While you’re floating on cloud nine from all the compliments, enjoy your favourite takeaway meals and beverages while you wind down and reconnect.

If you prefer to be out of the house on date night, choose an intimate spot with a gorgeous view where you can watch a beautiful sunset. You and your partner can look into each other’s eyes while sipping on a delicious latte or cappuccino. Order a dessert to share and take turns feeding each other. You might get some stares from others but don’t let their envy stand in the way of your love!

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