Letoya Makhene is certainly no stranger to the limelight. Raised in a famous musical family – her father is the legendary local musician, Blondie Makhene. She also started her TV career at the tender age of nine as a presenter on KTV and YoTV. 

So she definitely knows the ins and outs of the South African entertainment scene. Letoya gave us a few moments off set to share parts of her life with us.

Please give us a few words that describe who you are?
I'm a lover of life and all things nice! I'm a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. I believe in treating all those around me with love and respect because what you give is what you get.

You’re an actress, TV personality and musician, what best describes who you are professionally?
My work as a musician definitely describes me the best! I get to breathe so much of myself into the songs I write and the music I create. I get to heal not only myself through my music, but those who listen to my music too. My music is an extension of my work as a healer and I get to create different characters through the songs I sing. Music is life.

Letoya with Generations: The Legacy co-star Manaka Ranaka.

You’ve been on our TV screens since the age of 9, what do you love most about being in the limelight?
That I get to make money doing what I love!

What gets you up in the morning? What drives you?
My children, Nubia, Tadiwa, Tamuda and Kopano.

You have four beautiful kids, what are the values and lessons you teach them about life?
To respect this life that they've been blessed with. To never be afraid of reaching for the stars. That they are the only ones who can stop themselves from achieving their dreams and that even if they fail at something – they should always give themselves a pat on the back for being brave enough to try.

What career plans do you have for this year? Are you working on any new projects?
Music, music and more music!

What don’t you like or would you like to change about the entertainment industry?
That in this day and age, women still make less than their male counterparts. That as freelancers with contracts that get renewed on a yearly basis we still don't qualify for benefits. That we have agents that still give production companies the better deal instead of fighting more aggressively for their artists.

Who is your favourite performer in music and on screen?
I'm in love with Moshidi Motshegwa's work. Need I say more? Her work speaks for itself. I have deep respect for Beyoncé's talent but more especially for her work ethic.

You can sing, act and dance. What is the one thing you’d love to do, but can’t?
I often fantasize about being a stay at home mom. But knowing myself, I'd get bored before even a year of doing that.

Where do you like to go for vacation or a place you enjoy visiting.
My favourite place in the world is honestly my home. But once I've seen all of Africa – I'll let you know. Africa is still the most beautiful place in the world!

Can you please share something with your fans, that they do not know about you?
I'm a great cook and versatile – from traditional African cuisines to curries.

Please share a few words of wisdom and some inspiration for our Jet Club family.
A life lived in fear is a life half lived. When it comes to reaching your dreams - I believe in reaching for the impossible!

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