There are so many benefits of wearing a bra that fits correctly. We have some tips on how to find the right bra fit for you.

A bra is one of those things for which women should be grateful. Ever imagined what our lives would be like if bras hadn’t been invented? Chances are, our outfits wouldn’t look as great as they do because a bra can make or break your look. For this as well as health reasons, it’s very important that women wear the right size bra, and that it fits comfortably. An ill-fitting bra can look unattractive and can cause great discomfort. The best way to make the most of your assets is with subtlety. “Never forego support and coverage to follow a trend. It is so important to give your breasts (and yourself) the best possible comfort,” says Jet Club Magazine Fashion Editor, Tarryn Oppel.

For the most accurate measurements, it’s best to get someone else to measure you instead of trying to do it yourself.

1. To measure the band size: Place a soft tape measure around your chest directly under your breasts and take the measurement. The chart below indicates the band size according to the underbust measurement. If your underbust measurement is 79, for example, round it off to 80 to find your size. Band sizes are measured in even numbers, so if your measurement was an odd number, you may want to try one size up or down.

2. To measure the cup size: Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of your breasts (don’t make it too tight). This measurement will give you your bust size, which will be bigger than your underbust size. Subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement, and the difference will give you your cup size. If the difference is 18cm, for instance, your cup size is C. Use the chart below.

It’s best to get a professional fitting if possible, to make sure that your final measurement is correct. Most, if not all, department stores offer a free bra fitting service in their underwear departments.

Your cup size can vary due to bloating or hormones, so try to measure on a day when your breasts feel relatively normal.

A bra that doesn’t offer enough support causes your breasts to sag, and can also make your shoulders and lower back uncomfortable – and even cause back problems. If you play a lot of sports you should wear an extra-supportive, comfortable sports bra. Big-breasted women are better off with underwire bras, as they offer more support. So how do you know if your bra isn’t the right fit for you?


  • Your breasts should never spill out of the bra. Even if you’re wearing a push-up bra, your silhouette should be smooth, not bumpy. 
  • A bra should never ride up your back. If it does, it won’t provide the necessary support.
  • If your breasts still look droopy even though you’re wearing a bra, it means that you’ve either got the size of the bra wrong or the elastic is worn out – in which case the bra should be thrown away.
  • The bra straps should fit firmly, but not dig into your skin. 
  • “The thicker the strap, the more support you’ll get from your bra,“ says Tarryn.

  • Most bras have adjustable straps. Don’t fall into the trap of pulling the straps up too tight because you want your breasts to appear higher. This will only cause discomfort.
  • Don’t wear the same bra regularly. Rotating your bras will make them last much longer.
  • Never tumble-dry your bras. The heat will quickly break down the elastic.
  • If you have underwire bras, wash them by hand – don’t put them in the washing machine. 
  • Strapless bras tend to slide down pretty easily because they aren’t necessarily meant to be worn that way, despite having detachable straps. Rather search for a strapless bra that gives full coverage and extends slightly further down from the underwire for extra support.
Ill-fitting bras can cause pinched nerves in your shoulders and even problems with your spine, so use these tips and be comfortable and stylish, as well as healthy. 

  • The word ‘bra’ is short for brassiere (French).
  • Some believe that the first bra was invented by Herminie Cadolle of France, in 1889. 
  • In America, Mary Phelps Jacob is credited with having invented the bra in 1913, after buying a sheer evening gown under which her traditional whalebone corset looked ugly. 
  • During the space race, NASA sponsored a competition to design the astronauts' suits, and bra makers at Playtex came up with the design for the Apollo 11 spacesuits. The suits had 21 layers of super-thin fabric, were made from literally the same materials as Playtex bras, and they were sewn – without using any pins – by Playtex seamstresses.
  • Sports bras weren’t invented until 1997, so women playing tennis at Wimbledon in 1887 competed in whalebone and metal corsets, which were so stabby that they often ended up covered in blood by the end of a match. The modern sports bra was invented by two sisters and running enthusiasts Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith. It was a DIY affair and involved the sisters sewing two jockstraps together.

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