Our Fashion Ed shows us how to give the traditional African scarf a retro, chic twist for savvy street style.

A scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can have in your wardrobe. It’s not only reserved for keeping your neck toasty in winter, it’s also the perfect hair accessory. Tie it around your ponytail for an easy breezy summer look, or add a dose of colour to your outfit with a head wrap.

Headwraps have been around for centuries and they have served a number of purposes, from hiding bad hair days (we’ve all been there), to preserving good hair days. In some cultures, it’s also a symbol of modesty.

There are so many cute ways to style a head wrap, today we look at 3 ways you can wear yours this spring!

How To: Place the centre of the scarf on your head as far forward or back as you prefer and hold the two ends at the back. Wrap one end over the other until it’s a small piece that you can hold with an elastic or tie with a hairpin. Let it hang.

Wear with: The scarf has a busy print so you would choose to wear a solid colour on your top. An-off-the-shoulder top or dress would be flattering with the scarf draped over your shoulder.

How To: Fold your scarf over twice to form a broad strip. With the centre of the strip at the back of your head, tie a knot in front then tie a bow. Tuck the ends into the scarf. Fluff out your bow and voilà!

Wear with: This is a good look to let your hair out and keep it off your face. Layer a bold necklace and pair with a day dress and sneakers – casual, chic and ready to wear.

How To: Wrap your scarf from the back of your head to the front and hold the two ends together. Twist the fabric and swirl it as you would for a bun, and secure with pins.

Wear with: This look keeps all your hair out of your neck and off your face. Simple earrings and a bold lip colour keep the focus firmly on your statement headwear.

Get Pearl Thusi’s celeb look – pair a bold and colourful scarf with all black. This makes a big fashion statement and is easier to style up with accessories to avoid colours clashing.


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