It’s springtime, and flowers are coming to life again after their winter’s sleep. The whole family can have fun this holiday with flower crafts to welcome the warmer weather.

A bouquet of pretty paper flowers that will last much longer than cut flowers!

What you will need:
To make each flower you will need:
8 cupcake liners
Glue (stick or tube)
A button, small jewel or pompom
A pipe cleaner, straw or thin stick

How to make them:
1. Fold each cupcake liner in half, and then in half again. Fold one of the halves back, and then fold the other half back so it looks like a zigzag.

2. Take two of the liners and glue the two points together. Hold tightly together for about 30 seconds, then set aside. Glue two more together and hold tightly. Repeat this step until all of the liners are glued into pairs.
3. Glue two sets together at the points and hold for about 30 seconds, and repeat on the other side.
4. Make sure all the pieces create a full circle. Let sit for a few minutes while the glue dries completely.
5. Turn the flower over and glue a button, jewel or small pom to the middle of the flower.
6. Use glue or sticky tape to secure a pipe cleaner, straw or stick to the back of the flower.
7. Repeat the entire process to create a whole bouquet of pretty flowers!

Here’s a sweet floral crown made from egg boxes and cardboard – perfect for celebrating springtime!

What you will need:
Thin cardboard
Glue or stapler
Paint and paintbrushes
Egg boxes
Mini pompoms

How to make them:
1. Cut your cardboard into a strip to make the crown band, about 4cm wide. Measure your child’s head to see how long it needs to be. Glue or staple the ends
of the strip together to make the crown band, and paint it whatever colour you like.
2. Cut out the cups of the egg boxes and snip around the top edges with scissors to make different shaped flowers. You can do curved edges, or just snip along the sides. For roses, you can cut strips of egg box and layer them in a circular pattern inside the egg box cups, adding glue along the way. Cut out leaves from the flat top of your egg box. Once you have your flower and leaf shapes cut out, it’s time to paint!
3. Paint the leaf shapes green and the flowers in whatever colour you like. Once the paint has dried, glue pompoms in the centre of the flowers. If you don’t have pompoms you can just paint the inside of the flowers different colours.
4. Now glue your painted flowers and leaves around your crown band – and you’re done!

Plastic can take up to 500 years to break down, so reuse plastic packaging like cooldrink bottles to make a herb planter.

What you will need:
An empty 2-litre cooldrink bottle
Herb seeds
Googly eyes
Used iced lolly sticks
Black khoki

How to make them:
1. Help the kids to cut the cooldrink bottle in half.
2. Make a small hole in the bottom to make a drainage hole.
3. Paint the bottles, leave them to dry and decorate with googly eyes.
4. Fill the bottom with small stones and top up with soil.
5. Sow herb seeds such as chives or basil to grow into ‘hair’.
6. Don’t throw out used ice cream sticks. Wash them off, leave to dry and let the kids turn them into labels for their hairy scary plants.

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