We explore the pros and cons of two of the most iconic hair-extension options.

The pros

Variety: Don’t like your look? Change your wig! ‘Your choices are endless,’ says hairstylist Daudet Kalume Mayani. ‘From dramatic styles and colours to classic looks, you can change it up every week or even every day.’

Protection: Wearing a wig gives your scalp a much-needed break from heat styling and chemical processes while allowing natural, healthy growth. ‘A wig is particularly useful to those who have weak, brittle hair as roots are allowed to breathe, restore and grow without any tension,’ says Mayani.

Quality: A full lace human-hair wig might be expensive, but with the right care these are made to last for years. ‘Human hair extensions are an investment,’ says Mayani. ‘It will offer you longevity and yet still allow you to play with your style.’

And the cons…

Lifestyle challenges: If you lead an outdoorsy, sporty lifestyle you might find a wig is not ideally suited to all the activity, and not as secure on your head. Synthetic wigs, in particular, lose shape and condition with time as they become tangled, sweaty and unwearable and have
to be thrown out.


  • Detangle daily. Use a wide-toothed comb and gently comb small sections, starting at the ends and working your way up. Be sure to hold the wig at the roots to avoid pulling hair out.
  • Human-hair wigs should be washed with a moisturising shampoo and lukewarm water. Rinse and deep condition for up to thirty minutes. 
  • Most synthetic wigs should not be wet as they might lose shape and texture. Rather freshen up with a dry shampoo, which will add volume, absorb excess oil and neutralise odour. 
  • If you can afford it, opt for better-quality synthetics that are more hard-wearing.
  • Heat protect. Allow human hair to air dry after washing and spritz with a heat protectant before styling. Do not heat-style synthetic hair.
  • Store with care. Ideally, use a mannequin head. Or use the bag that the wig came in, to help maintain the style and prevent damage.

The pros

Longevity: Weaves offer a sense of security and permanence for those leading a busy lifestyle, travelling or playing a lot of sport. With the correct care, your weave can last three months.

Look your best: Worn loose, a human-hair weave can look natural and authentic, and offers you the freedom to experiment with upstyles and ponytails.

And the cons…

High maintenance: Weaves require daily styling and treating to keep looking their best, and your natural hair underneath needs regular treatment too, to stay healthy.

Long-term damage: Wearing a sew-in for too long, or without any breaks in between, can damage your natural hair at the roots and lead to permanent hair loss.


  • Wash your weave regularly. Refresh your roots and the weave by washing it gently with shampoo once a week.
  • Prevent frazzled ends with daily moisturisation. Spritz hair with a light conditioner and comb through before styling. Deep condition once a week after washing.
  • Soothe your scalp. Treat your scalp with an anti-itch spray or a lightweight oil, like jojoba, mixed with a drop of tea tree oil to prevent dandruff and itchy scalp conditions.
  • Sleep tight. Secure your weave with a silk or satin scarf when you go to bed, to avoid friction and breakage. 

By Deevya Vasson-Lalla

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