We bring you our best product hacks that will raise your skin game this season.

This one’s a summer staple for every household. Use aloe vera gel all over your face and body to treat sun-burn, mosquito bites or heat rashes. It also makes a great anti-ageing face mask because it’s loaded with moisture, antioxidants and vitamin E. Apply a thin layer over the entire face, especially under the eyes. The cooling effect will help reduce puffiness while the vitamin E will help lighten dark circles. Use once a week for radiant results.

Avoid alcohol-based toners as they might dehydrate your skin, especially on hot days. Use a refreshing face mist that you can whip up yourself. Find a clean spritz bottle, half fill with rosewater and top up with witch hazel (available at pharmacies). This combination is great to keep that summer shine under control while still nourishing your skin and keeping it hydrated. Store in your fridge and spritz on your face after cleansing for an instant skin wake-up. Pop it in your bag and spritz throughout the day to revitalise tired skin.

Daily use of make-up brushes means a build-up of sweat and grime, and spreads bacteria all over your face, which can cause breakouts and spread acne. Disinfect your brushes at least once a week to break the cycle. Mix four tablespoons dishwashing liquid with two tablespoons olive oil. 

The dishwashing liquid will clean and disinfect while the olive oil lifts old make-up and nourishes the bristles. Allow your brushes to soak for a minute and then swirl around to remove embedded make-up. Rinse off until the water runs clear. Be sure to dry your brushes on a clean flat surface to keep the bristles in shape.

Too hot and bothered for heavy foundation? Tinted moisturisers are the way to go. You get the benefits of your daily moisturiser with light coverage and a natural glow. Unlike regular foundations, this option allows your skin to breathe, so you are less likely to suffer a breakout due to blocked pores. 

Tinted moisturisers can also give you targeted results, such as blemish brightening found in BB creams or colour correction for redness found in CC creams. Find one that suits your skin need and type. For oilier skin types, choose one that is mattifying with UV protection like Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF15. Normal to combination skin types need one that offers hydration with UV protection, like Pond’s Flawless Radiance BB Cream SPF30.

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