New year, new you! Now’s the time to revitalise your metabolism, immune system and skin, and embrace 2020 with new energy and vigour.

Does the thought of a reboot fill you with horror, as you imagine exhausting workouts and punishing diets? Think again – you don’t need to starve your body, you need to ‘nourish it, not punish it’ according to Ross Bridgeford of Live Energized (liveenergized.com).

He believes in ‘crowding out the bad’ instead of making vows that you’ll never eat another ice cream or chocolate, only to fall down and feel bad when the temptation is too strong. So take our tips and watch your body thank you!

The secret is to add more nutritious foods to your diet and reduce less healthy choices – but without setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Bridgeford emphasises eating alkaline foods, and not surprisingly the things we know we should eat less often, like junk food (hamburgers, pies, cakes and sweets) are acid-forming. Bridgeford’s number 1 tip for rebooting your energy levels is leafy green vegetables (five to seven servings per day). That might sound impossible, but it’s not – have a salad with lunch and supper, add spinach to soups and stews and make a power-packed juice or smoothie.

Our immune system defends our body against disease. We need to eat a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats and protein, as well as fruit and vegetables, to provide a variety of nutrients. Phytonutrients, found in plant-based foods, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help protect against disease. Foods of different colours contain different phytonutrients, so reboot your immune system by eating colourfully.

Think purple (beetroot, purple cabbage, aubergines), red (red pepper, tomatoes, strawberries, chilli), orange (carrots, oranges, orange peppers), yellow (corn, lemons, pineapple, yellow peppers), brown (onions, potatoes, mushrooms), black (blackberries, mulberries) and green (spinach, broccoli, apples, green beans). And don’t forget white – garlic is also a powerful immune-booster.

All 30 trillion cells in your body need water, and by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Without enough water your body can’t produce energy and its ability to burn fat is diminished. So when you’re feeling tired, reach for a glass of water instead of that cup of coffee. It will recharge your metabolism and benefit your skin. ‘Thirsty’, parched skin looks dull and lifeless, so start your beauty routine with water (inside as well as outside) for a radiant glow.

Stress saps our energy and weakens our immune system, making us more vulnerable to getting sick. Boost your immune system by getting enough sleep and taking time for yourself. Mindfulness is a way of destressing by paying attention to the present moment without judging yourself or your situation. In mindful breathing, you focus on your breath.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. One exercise is simply to think about breathing out your stress and breathing in peace. Try it for one minute at first, and increase gradually. You can do it anywhere – at work, in the supermarket queue, on a taxi or in your car.

Walking is an excellent way to recharge your body. ‘When you’re tired, walk’ might sound like strange advice, but a brisk walk gets your heart pumping oxygen to all your muscles and your brain. So whether you’re a gym bunny or a couch potato, add a walk to your daily routine to rejuvenate body and mind. And use stairs instead of lifts whenever you can.

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By Anne Hahn 

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