Toughees recognises the significant difference a new pair of school shoes can make in the life of a child.

On Mandela Day 2019, Toughees, the shoe brand that has taken 3 generations of South Africans to school commits to provide 4 700 pairs of shoe schools across the country. The deserving recipients travelled home with their feet snug and safe in a new pair of school shoes; dignity restored; souls overflowing with confidence and minds dreaming of future aspirations.

“The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.” - Nelson Mandela

Not only does a new pair of well-fitting school shoes give a child a sense of pride, but it also instils hope in someone from an impoverished community. It shows that someone cares enough to assist them in realising their potential and giving them the direction to kick-start their dreams. This aligns perfectly with Toughees’ vision of achieving positive change.

Since being founded in 1894, 125 years ago, Bata has been dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the countries and communities in which they operate. In 2010 the Bata Children’s Programme (BCP) was established to focus all their initiatives under one umbrella: global concerns, approached with local activities.

Education is one of the key development areas that the Bata Children’s Programme (BCP) seeks to make a difference in. A legacy that saw 10 000 pairs of Toughees school shoes being received in 2018 and since 2010, 25 000 pairs have been donated. BCP strives to improve access to basic education and school shoe donations are one of the means that the BCP sees as making an impact, assisting families to meet their children’s uniform requirements, protecting children’s feet and fostering hope for the future.

“Toughees has a corporate culture of service with the aim of making positive contributions to communities by inspiring them and fostering forward-thinking. The Bata Children’s Programme seeks to make a direct Impact on the lives of children in need. We believe children should have opportunities to realise their dreams. Our donation of Toughees school shoes is a promise of a brighter future – giving children back their dignity to achieve all they dream they can be,” says Swastika Juggernath, Bata Marketing Manager.

Education is the foundation on which development is established. Education is known to reduce poverty, promote health, lower maternal deaths, counter diseases like HIV and AIDS, foster gender equality and battle sexual and gender-based violence.

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Is your little Toughee brave and courageous? Post a photo of them here and you could stand a chance to WIN 1 of 20 pairs of Toughees and stationery hampers! The first prize winner will also get the chance to nominate a place in their area that Toughees will donate school shoes to!

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