On 5 October, countries all around the world will be celebrating World Teachers’ Day. We all know how special our teachers are, they make sure we get all the learning we need, they give us hugs when we’re down and they know exactly what to say to make us feel like stars! Show your teacher just how special she/he is by making them a thank-you gift. Try one of these.


You will need:
Empty tin can (if you can, use the kind that comes with a plastic lid, like a coffee tin, that doesn’t have any sharp edges)
Wrapping paper
  1. Make sure your can is thoroughly cleaned and dry (if you have had to use a can opener, be careful of sharp edges).
  2. Using your scissors, cut enough paper to wrap around the tin, leaving enough to tuck the edges in at the top.
  3. Now, apply glue to the back of your wrapping paper and slowly wrap it around the tin can, smoothing it as you go to avoid bubbles.


You will need:
6 big matchboxes
Ruler and pencil
Wrapping paper or brown paper
6 large beads (plus glitter or anything else for decoration)
  1. Divide the matchboxes into three pairs of two, facing upwards, one above the other.
  2. Glue the pairs of boxes together at their sides, then glue the three sets on top of one another, so that it looks like a little chest of drawers.
  3. Now, it’s time to decorate! Use the ruler and pencil to measure out a piece of wrapping paper to cover the sides, top and bottom of your jewellery box. Ask an adult to help you to cut neatly along the lines.
  4. Spread glue on the paper and cover your box one side at a time. For the front of each ‘drawer’ measure and cut smaller pieces of paper, and paste them on, too. Stick a bead on each one so it works like a little handle.
  5. Stick on any other decorations you have, like diamantés, glitter, beads – anything you fancy!


You will need:
Coloured paper
6 buttons (plus glitter or anything else for decoration)
  1. Cut the apple template out along the dotted line.
  2. Stick coloured paper onto the apple shape and cut it to fit.
  3. Stick a stem made of cardboard or stiff paper onto the back of the apple.
  4. Decorate by gluing on buttons, glitter or anything else you can think of.
Mom and Dad – we recommend helping smaller children with the measuring and cutting of the wrapping paper for the jewellery box and apple craft. Also, place the unused matches in a container for use at a later stage.

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