When it was announced in March that the country was going under Lockdown, social distancing was encouraged and gatherings restricted. As a result, 93% of couples worldwide who were getting married, rescheduled, while the other 7% opted to cancel all together.

Now that the restrictions are relaxed, for those still forging ahead with their big day, here are some tips on how to keep your plans on track in times of a pandemic. 

The wedding planning industry has seen a rise in minimonies. Instead of waiting to have a big wedding, couples are getting hitched in a more intimate ceremony with just an official and one or two guests. While those who attend practise strict safety rules such as wearing masks and social distancing, other guests can join in virtually. A bigger wedding can then be scheduled at a later stage 

For couples who still want to keep to their original plan as much as possible, they can invite a few guests to the nuptial ceremony. Following the ceremony, the same group of guests attend the reception for a few hours then half of the guests leave at a set time to make space for the next group of guests.



Now is the best time to get in touch with all the key players such as the venue, caterers, entertainment, and the photographer. If you are having a wedding at home, then the venue is one less thing to worry about. If not, discuss with the wedding venue the possible dates then coordinate with all the vendors until you find a suitable one. Make sure to lock the new date in as soon as you can. Remember, since people moved their weddings, months such as April, September and December are popular. This will result in venues being fully booked, so be open to a wedding date in a different season to what you had initially planned.

You might have already communicated to your guests that you are postponing the wedding. At this point, once you have the new date, inform your guests. Make sure to keep them updated should anything change. For now, SMS or email should suffice. Alternatively, you can make calls to the important guests and have a beautifully done digital invite with an updated date that can go out to everyone else. For couples with a wedding website, a date and other details can be updated there as well. If you opted for printed invites but have not sent them out yet, speak to the vendor to find out if they are able to change the date on the original invites.

A change of dates and vendor availability might affect your theme if the wedding gets pushed to a different season. Hopefully, it doesn't come to that. However, these are unique circumstances we find ourselves in, so if you have to change the theme, you might need to tweak your outfits and decor. Instead of a strapless gown, opt for a long sleeve dress or swap your ice cream for decadent warm desserts. 

So the theme or season changed and affected the type of dress the-bride-to-be planned to wear, fear not! If it is already done, have a seamstress alter it. If you are still searching, in the meantime, start shopping around online for different designs and silhouettes. When you find the perfect one, make contact with the dress company to find out what their policy is before visiting the store.


Many people have resorted to using the internet now more than ever. Head to social media and other digital platforms as they are a valuable resource. With options like Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp Conference Call, you can have virtual meetings with family, friends, and vendors. Apps such as Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram serve as fantastic platforms for inspiration - From the wedding dress and themes, to how to make your own digital invite tutorials, you are covered.

While you celebrate your wedding, please don't forget to practise social distancing and sanitise.

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