2020...what a year!

2020 has been nothing short of a shock to all our systems. In a world where hugging, high fives as well as social gatherings were a thing, Covid-19 has changed this almost instantly! In March 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster, where Covid-19 was spreading rapidly and claiming the lives of many. We went into an immediate lockdown compelling South Africans to adapt to a new normal. 

The world we once knew has changed but our dreams have not. Instead we have remained optimistic even in the midst of a pandemic. We have had to find new ways of existing, new ways of working, of exercising, and even new ways of interacting and sharing with each other. And oh, did we share! From homemade breads, vetkoek recipes, to videos of us cooking, exercising and dancing to the hit track “Jerusalema”. 

This change has affected us in ways we could have never imagined, we now know that making longer term sound financial decisions is truly an important part of our lives. 

At ubank, we acknowledge the importance of adapting to change while ensuring the safety of our customers, but most importantly, we adapted to change without compromising on our service offerings. We are working on exciting new banking offerings that will be in market next year that will further enable our customers, their families and communities to bank anywhere and meet their key financial service needs.

We also know that you might need financial assistance to kick off the new year to a better start, hence we continue to design loan options that will meet your needs with affordable repayment plans. Our loans are competitive and you can stand a chance to win a R25 000 education bursary, if you get a loan between 20 Oct 2020 -28 February 2021. You can get a loan of up to R180 000 which is repayable over 12 – 72 months. So, whether you need assistance to consolidate your debt, for back to school needs, home renovations or even those unexpected little emergencies, we always have a loan option for you. 

Let us make 2021 a brighter and better year, a year we continue to grow with you! 

Visit  to find your nearest branch or call 08600 8322 for more information.

Ubank. Growing with you!

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