The little wise guys think they know everything. They don’t, but there are a few things they know instinctively that you might have forgotten. Time to learn them again…

There are many reasons children see the world differently from adults. Eye-level is one of them. But they also focus and zoom in on new stuff, while grown-ups believe in “taking a step back” or "seeing the bigger picture”. They get over things – we sometimes struggle with that.

Who’re happier most of the time? They are.

Parents have to teach their children. There are life lessons to work through. At the same time, it would be healthy to reset our thinking a little by looking at how kids approach some parts of life.

Masks, sanitisers, distancing, lockdowns, home schooling… There’s a pandemic on and still, most children seem to enjoy life. When there’s some fun to be had, they set aside the bad and experience some joy.

For many parents, this is hard. As protectors and providers, we can look so much at possible dangers, injuries, and mistakes that we can’t bring ourselves to enjoy the beauty in little things and moments. The easiest way to relearn this, is through the kids. Go see what they’re laughing about. Join in if they’ll let you, or just stand back and take in this reminder that life still is full of joy.

Kids tend to live in the moment. Adults often live for the weekend, the holidays, the big thing that will make their life better. Right now, though, your children are focusing their minds, attention, and energy on what is happening. They’re not brooding over the past or worrying about the future. You can’t live as care-free as a kid, obviously. But try to be in the moment as often as you can.

Your kids love you no matter what. They forgive and forget. Love them back unconditionally and you’ll raise nurturing, caring kids.

Look at the curiosity and interest when a child discovers something new. They want to know everything about it. They wonder and they ask questions. Curiosity in kids about new things is greater than in adults because they observe so intensely and are determined to figure out stuff. Find time to learn about something that catches your attention. Lose yourself in your learning. It trains your mind to be creative and inventive.

Children don’t feel shame like grown-ups do. We follow social rules and etiquette but too often we don’t do what we’d like because we’re afraid of being judged by others. Be yourself when you are alone or among friends.

Kids are impressionable. This means we have to watch what we say and do in front of them. But it also means they are open to learning and hearing what others say.

See for yourself how much of your child’s happiness comes from being creative: doing art, building stuff, making up games. Creativity sets the mind free and helps you forget the negativity for a while. Kids don’t have that fear of failure yet. Most adults do – and it holds us back.

Kids usually don’t pay attention to how people are judging them. They do their thing. Relearning this confidence will be a huge help as you try to reach your goals.

Child prodigy Adora Svitak did a TED Talk in 2010 about "What Adults Can Learn From Kids”. She was 13 and already a published author. The talk has had more than 6,3 million views so far.

The world needs "childish" thinking, she said: bold ideas, wild creativity, and especially optimism. "We [kids] love challenges, but when expectations are low, trust me, we will sink to them.”

True for kids, true for adults. So, learn from your kids not to limit your thinking and creativity.

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