Watch the video to find out how to boost your look with a few easy tips and tricks.

Jeans too long? We can help you fix that and make your legs look longer and slimmer. Blazer sleeves a little clumsy? We show you a quick fix for a relaxed, chic look that will not only draw attention to your waistline but also make your legs look longer. Find all these style tips and more in the video.

A sneak peek at the style tips found in this video:
  1. How to shorten jeans for an instant slimming effect
  2. How to shorten a belt to create a chic outfit
  3. Transform long blazer sleeves into fashionable pushed-up sleeves
  4. How to turn your crossbody bag into a trendy belt bag
  5. Give your t-shirt a fresh new look with cap sleeves

5 MUST-KNOW STYLE TIPS 5 MUST-KNOW STYLE TIPS Reviewed by Michelle Pienaar on February 16, 2021 Rating: 5
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