All the chores that come with parenting can limit quality family time. These time-saving tips will help. School runs, meal prep, laundry and bills, the to-do list is never-ending. We have the most terrific tips and tricks to help you stress less, so you have more time for the fun stuff.

Meal plan like a pro

It might feel like it takes too much time to plan a whole week of meals, but it’s worth it and is a game-changer when it comes to time spent in the kitchen.

Get clever with leftovers
When cooking dinner make extra so that you can use the leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. Last night’s leftover chicken can be used for a curry for tomorrow’s dinner and a chicken salad for lunch.

Chop, chop
When chopping vegetables, see what you can chop for the following night as well.

Save time on week nights by batch-freezing dinners (labelled neatly) and kids’ school lunches. Simply take them out the night before so they slowly thaw.

Play games

For younger kids, play the hurry-up game. Set a timer and say, ‘Let’s try to get dressed before the buzzer goes off.’ They’ll find it lots of fun. For older kids, turn the clocks forward by 15 minutes.

Wake up first
Get yourself dressed and ready before waking up the kids and sorting them out.

Start a lift club
If you have friends who live nearby, why not start a school-run lift club?

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Pack for the next day

Pack the school bags and make lunches the night before. You can even prep breakfast by throwing oats, milk, yoghurt and some fruits into a jar and letting it sit overnight in the fridge.

Ready at the door
To avoid looking for books and keys in the morning, have everything you need – book bags, gym kit and lunch ready and waiting at the front door.

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Clean on the go

Never leave a room empty-handed. As you walk through the house, see what you can pick up and pack away.

Lessen laundry load
Teach kids to turn their clothes the right way and to check their pockets before they throw them in the laundry basket.

Automate bill paying

Don’t hassle with manual payments when you can automate your monthly bills such as municipal accounts and school fees.

Keep a kitty
Unexpected expenses can catch you unaware. Keep a piggy bank in the kitchen from your leftover change to dip into in emergencies.

Shop online
Shopping online for groceries is quick and easy!

Plan outfits

Plan the weeks’ outfits and make sure they are ironed, including school uniforms. Lay out everyone’s clothes the night before, including your own. For fussy little dressers, give them the freedom to choose whatever they want to wear on the weekends.

Get your groom on
Catch up on painting your nails, shaving, shaping your brows etc. To save time on make-up in the mornings, consider tinting your eyelashes. A tinted moisturiser or powder works well as a quick cover-up too.

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