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What did you want to be when you were growing up – a soccer player, a famous singer, an actress, a vet? It takes hard work to reach one’s dream job, and often we have to take a slight detour before we get there. It’s no different with celebs. 

Could you imagine The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) ever being a dishwasher or Julia Roberts serving ice cream? What matters is that they never gave up on their dreams, and neither should you. Take a look at what these celebs did before their rise to fame.

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Loyiso Macdonald: Call centre agent
Before seeing this popular face on our TV screens, this actor worked at a call centre. But Macdonald knew he was destined for greater things, so he threw in the towel and pursued his dream of becoming an actor – and what a journey it has been!

Cardi B: Cashier
Born in 1992, Belcalis Almanzar a.k.a Cardi B may be a renowned rapper, songwriter, and actress, but those are all titles she’s worked hard for. Cardi B’s first job was in New York where she worked as a cashier, and while she may have been fired, she knew it was for the best. Today this star is worth a cool 24 million dollars!

Lerato Kganyago: Air flight attendant
While her vibrant personality may have made her the perfect fit for an air flight attendant, Lerato knew she was destined for greater things. Since her first job, this talented presenter and TV talk show host has not only been in the spotlight, she’s used her career to make a difference wherever possible.

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Jennifer Aniston: Telemarketer
She’s known as America’s sweetheart today, but before everyone knew her name, she worked as a telemarketer. She admits to not being very good at it, but hey, look where she is now!

Tebogo Khalo: Call centre agent
Better known for her role as Puleng on Rhythm City, this actress wasn’t always in the limelight. Before she rose to fame, you could find her on a telephone, working as a call centre agent. Who knows, she might have called you too!

Brad Pitt: Fast food worker
You’ve seen him in movies like Ocean’s Eleven and Fight Club, but what about in a chicken costume? That’s right, this American actor and film producer first worked in a fast-food restaurant and occasionally dressed up in a chicken costume handing out flyers to passers-by. Perhaps all that time in a chicken costume helped him understand the complexities of getting into character?

Lira: Accountant
Could you imagine Lira behind a desk, crunching numbers? Neither could we! While an accountant might not be the worst first job, we’re certainly glad this award-winning Afro-Soul vocalist left it all behind for her love of music. Where would we be without Feel Good and Dance of Life? Luckily for us, we’ll never find out!

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Nicki Minaj: Waitress
She may be a wiz with lyrics, and a millionaire today, but way back when Minaj struggled to make it big, she worked as a waitress at a seafood restaurant in the Bronx. She admits to never being good with customers, but hey, you can’t be good at everything. Singer, songwriter, rapper, actress, and model are titles we’d be more than happy with.

iFani: Engineer
Mzayifani Mzondeleli Boltina, a.k.a iFani, swopped his life as a process control engineer for one filled with creativity and fame – a smart move if you ask us. Since making the change, he’s become one of Mzansi’s hottest Hip-Hop/Rap artists with albums that have earned him Gold Status on the day of their release. What a difference a shift can make!

Calvin Harris: Fish factory worker
You may know him as a megastar DJ, but back in the day when he lived in Scotland, he gutted fish in a fish factory to purchase his decks and music equipment. Considering his jet-setting lifestyle, fame, fortune, and, and, and… those fishy days don’t seem that bad after all.

Julia Roberts: Ice cream scooper
Imagine ordering a scoop of your favourite ice cream and being served by Julia Roberts? Before she starred in movies like Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Eat Pray Love, and Erin Brockovich, she scooped ice cream for one of the most well-known ice cream chains in the world! Not a bad first start if you ask us.

You may not be in the job of your dreams right now, but that doesn’t mean all is lost. Let these stories inspire you to keep going, keep grinding and keep achieving your goals. And who knows, you may be starring alongside Julia Roberts or opening for Lira!

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