A mother never has a day off or gets honoured with celebrity status. Even with fame and riches, when the kids call out ‘Mama’, the cape comes on and super mom saves the day.

Whether you’re a celeb, a sports star, or even the country’s first lady, being a mom is the one role that’s the same for everyone. Beyond the lifestyle of paparazzi and red carpets, celebrity moms are just like any other moms when it comes to doting on their kids and playing the role of number one caretaker. A mom's life is always busy. There are school runs, extramural activities, breakfast, lunch and supper preps, homework time, the list is endless – and all this has to be balanced with being their child’s warm, fuzzy place, the one their kids know they can always depend on. It’s not easy multitasking and putting on the cape of super mom, but these celebrities show us how they take care of their kids while living their awesome lives.

These are some of the most admired celebrity mothers we look up to, love, and could learn from.

Serena holds 23 grand slam titles and is one of the world’s most iconic and celebrated sportswomen. She became a new mommy in September 2017 when she gave birth to her adorable daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. Serena is an all-rounder, she plays tennis tournaments, she’s building her fashion brand, she’s a wife and has become the definition of ‘mom and daughter’ goals with Olympia on Instagram. Olympia is steadily following in her mom’s footsteps on the tennis court showing impressive backhand and balance, and she’s becoming a cute little super start behind the camera as well.

Multi-Grammy award-winning artist Alicia Keys is a mom of two wonderful boys, Egypt and Genesis. She and husband producer Swizz Beats has fully embraced the role of becoming parents straight after their marriage in 2010. Alicia is very vocal and expressive about her mothering skills and journey and includes her kids in her work. Often featuring in songs and music videos, her son Egypt is now becoming quite good at playing the piano and singing just like his momma.

In one of her Instagram posts, she wrote a beautiful poem to her son Genesis:

My beautiful baby boy
So curious and pure
Yet SO clear about what you don’t want
“NO!” you say with vigor
When you don’t like something going on in your small but powerful 5-year-old-world
I hope that never changes
I hope that inner strength and fire
Never extinguishes
And you never feel the way to fit in
Or be silenced
I have a STRONG feeling you won’t
That’s just not the fabric from which u came
Look at you:
Future architect, Builder, Mastermind, Wisdom keeper, Re-shaper, Changemaker...
My Beautiful Baby Boy
You are unstoppable!

Former First Lady Michelle Obama boasts two Ivy-League degrees from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she’s a part of many organisations devoted to health and education such as Global Girls Alliance, she’s an author, speaker and so much more.

More than any of her achievements, her most prized role is that of mother to Sasha and Malia Obama. Michelle’s parenting skills have come under the spotlight since she came into the scene as the first lady in 2009. Michelle has instilled strong ethics and values into her daughters which is quite evident in the way they carry themselves publicly. She’s inherited strong motherly characteristics from her mom who has been there and guided her all the way into the White House. It’s not easy being an ambitious, driven, and successful woman and mom under the watch and scrutiny of Americans, but Michelle does it with so much class and capability that we can’t help but be in awe.

Beyoncé has redefined the definition of 'cool mom'. As if her life is not awesome enough she gave birth in 2010 to superstar baby girl Blue Ivy. Taking after her mom and dad, Blue is not afraid to steal the show when mommy performs or while in her music videos. Blue also features in some of Beyoncé’s songs. We’ve seen Beyoncé and her mom Tina Knowles relationship and it's safe to say that she has learned from the best because she’s doing an amazing job at raising Blue Ivy as well as her twins Sir and Rumi Carter.

Actress Thuli Thabethe and TBO Touch’s relationships woes have been publicised negatively before and after the birth of their son Ruri in 2010. Family is very important to Thuli and has kept a beautiful co-parenting relationship with TBO Touch, and his wife. It is important to her to maintain a healthy and positive family union for her son Ruri and she has genuinely become good friends with her ex which was unexpected. She’s a good example of keeping and cultivating a good relationship with the father of your kids, no matter what the circumstances are. She’s proof that there’s nothing like a mother’s love!

Actress Linda Mtoba took us on her beautiful pregnancy journey on social media in 2019 before giving birth in October. Her baba affectionately known as Baby Bean is the cutest baby girl! Mommy loves dressing her up in the most adorable mini-me outfits while travelling to holiday spots and for content for Instagram. Linda has been very transparent about mom life, often sharing the good, bad, and ugly side of being a new parent. Linda has it all worked out and looks effortlessly glam while doing it all.

Some of our local celebs also shared lessons they’ve learned from their mothers.


Paxton, winner of Idols SA in 2017, says, ‘Whenever I’ve felt anxious about a decision I’ve had to make, my mother always said, if you truly want something, what’s stopping you? What’s the worst thing that could happen? I didn’t really understand that when I was younger, but as I got older, I asked myself what is the worst that could happen? Is it failing if you’ve grown from that experience and gained the wisdom it brought with it? Having come from an underprivileged area, my dreams often felt out of reach. It sometimes felt impossible and I thought about my mom’s advice and I took it. I entered Idols SA, and it changed my life completely, in the most wonderful way.’


Versatile actress, singer, mother and wife of musician RJ Benjamin, Chantal Stanfield of 7de Laan and Montana fame, says her mom’s imparted a wealth of knowledge. ‘That said, two things she always said stand out for me, that can be applied across one’s life,’ says Chantal. ‘One is, when you leave the house, always take a jacket or something warm. A blazer, a scarf… because you never know how the day is going to turn out. Very practical; very sensible. The second thing can be applied more philosophically – she said if you’re not sure about something, rather leave it. That applies to everything, from clothes to life situations.’

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