Share the love with your friends, family and teachers with a friendship necklace they can keep forever!

Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. In fact, it’s about sharing love with everyone. Why not celebrate friendships and other relationships too? This heart-shaped necklace is easy to make and can come in a variety of colours. Show your love with different designs and share it with your loved ones – there’s plenty of love to go around.

Ruler and Pencil
Hole punch
Craft foam sheets
Round beads

Place a foam sheet, in any colour of your choice, on a flat working surface. Use a pencil to draw a heart on your sheet. This heart can be as small or big as you like.
STEP 2: Using a pair of scissors, slowly cut along the outline of your heart.
STEP 3: Use your markers to write a message or the name of your friend or family member on the cut-out heart.
STEP 4: Take the hole punch and punch one or two holes into the top centre of your foam heart, about 0.5cm from the top.
STEP 5: Use a ruler to measure about 65cm of yarn. Cut it using scissors.
STEP 6: Thread your yarn through the hole(s) in your cut-out heart.
STEP 7: Add round beads to the yarn in whichever pattern you’d like and finish off your necklace by knotting the ends

Get EXTRA funky!
You’re not limited to using plain foam paper! Why not mix things up and use patterned foam paper and/or felt fabric to create a three-layered heart charm for your necklace.

1. Always have adult supervision, especially when using scissors.
2. Use child-safe art supplies.
3. Keep your workspace clean and organised to avoid accidents.

– You can use a shorter or longer string of yarn to make different types of necklaces. For a princess necklace, your string of yarn will be about 45cm, but if you want a hanging rope-style necklace, you can use a super-long 85cm piece of string.
– You can use beads of different shapes and colours on your necklace. If you have special charm beads laying around, you can use them to create a funky charm necklace.
– You can use glitter pens to add some sparkle! Or, you could paste glitter paper behind your foam heart using glue.
– These cut-out hearts, along with the rest of the supplies, can also be used to make cute keyrings, which make wonderful gifts for grown-ups.

Words by: Charndré Emma Kippie
Photography: Shutterstock
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