Educational Support

Make homework and studying easy with experts who are ready to help anytime! Jet Club is here to help with an online education support system run by education professionals.

Service Offering:
  • We cater for the individual. Most parents work and don’t have the time to search for the correct information to provide supplementary educational support to their children. Our website provides parents with access to the files related to the current work done by the child in his/her school and grade.
  • Support and assistance to students grades 1 – 12.
  • The benefits are offered through an online platform with a back-up team who handle enquiries via a ticketing system to ensure a seamless service delivery.
  • 12 000 children are currently subscribed to the platform.
  • Text book summaries of all subjects offered by Government Schools, Private Schools and Home Schooling Institutes e.g. EMS (Economics Management Sciences), NS (Natural Science) and SS (Social Studies);
  • Our database contains over 67 000 files and continues to grow every day;
  • Approximately 38,000 files are downloaded every week
  • Inter-active slides on all topics with audio videos
  • For languages and mathematics, we supply explanations, practice test papers and memos allowing parents to easily and affectively assess their children’s comprehension of subject prior to examinations.
  • Our website caters for students with an Afrikaans and English home language.
  • Our staff are the heart of our company and are always willing to help, even after hours.
  • We cater for any syllabus based on the specific textbooks used by the school. Assistance has also been provided to students where the school has no textbooks.
  • We are focused on innovation, our in-house development team is always available to incorporate new suggestions and ideas.

You can have the same peace of mind with Jet Club through Studymaster (Studiemeester in Afrikaans) which gives your child access to summaries of textbooks for all subjects for all schools – government, private and homeschooling – interactive slides and videos.

For languages and maths your kids have access to explanations and practice test papers and memos so when exam time rolls around you know how ready the kids are to take the tests.

Jet Club will even help to make speaking in class stress-free with help on class speeches.

And best of all the kids can call our telephonic support line when they need extra individual help from our team of qualified educators. Simply call 0800 00 45 45 (select option 0) Or +27 11 991 8258 (Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland)

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Sign up today – it’s the simplest way ever to boost your child’s performance at school!

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