Grocery and Discount Coupons

Get up to 150.00 worth of savings every month with our grocery discount coupons. Feed the whole family using your discounts on all your favourite basics and you’ll even save enough to add in that little treat to make the kids’ day!

There’s nothing like a bit of discount to help you stay in budget with groceries. Club members get monthly coupons worth up to 150.00 to take the edge off the food bill. What’s more, you can use them at Checkers, Shoprite or Checkers Hyper stores. Handy!

Simply dial *130*3272*48# now to find out what products are on offer. 


Simply go to your nearest Checkers, Shoprite or Checkers Hyper store, buy any of the products on offer and follow these easy steps:
  • Dial *130*3272*48#, keeping your account number handy to log in.
  • View and search the available Jet Club coupons.
  • For every product selected, you will receive a coupon code, sent to you via SMS.
  • Once the cashier has rung up all your purchases, including the relevant products on offer, present your coupon code for each product to the cashier. The cashier will enter the coupon code.
  • You are limited to 6 coupons per product per person.

Grocery coupons are another way Jet Club helps you balance your budget!

Call *1303272*01# and our friendly consultants will call you back to answer all your questions. Coupons are redeemable at selected Checkers, Checkers Hyper and Shoprite stores in South Africa only.

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