Jet Club General Terms & Conditions

Jet Club Terms & Conditions


  1. You must be a Jet account holder in order to sign up for Jet Club membership.
  2. Jet Club membership premiums are billed to your Jet/ Edgars Account at a rate of 42.00 monthly.
  3. To qualify for benefits a 3 month waiting period applies. This means you must pay at least 3 consecutive Club monthly premiums before being eligible to any magazines, discounts or benefit claims.
  4. Should you cancel and reinstate your membership, the 3 month waiting period will be reinstated.
  5. Account payments and Jet Club premiums must be up to date in order to claim benefits.
  6. All Jet Club benefits should be accessed through the Jet Club Helpline for Jet Club to be liable for benefit payment (SA & Namibia 0800 00 45 45, Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland +2711 991 8258).
  7. Jet Club reserves the right to add or withdraw benefits at any time without prior notification.
  8. Jet Club may from time to time share Club member’s information with a third party for benefit redemption purposes only. This information will not be used for marketing or advertising purposes by the third party.
  9. Terms & conditions are subject to change without prior notification.


Funeral benefits are underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited (Reg. No 1993/001405/06), an Authorised Financial Services provider. Edcon is a juristic representative of Hollard.
To claim funeral benefits:
  1. The claim must be submitted within 12 months of date of death.
  2. All required legal documentation must be submitted with the claim.
  3. The account holder, who is also the main Jet Club member, is the only person who can be a claimant in the event of the partner’s death.
  4. The partner will be the claimant in the event of the Jet Club member’s death.
  5. a partner could be a legal spouse, common-law spouse, child over 18, parents, brother or sister (see for full details of the funeral benefit summary document)
  6. The funeral benefit will be paid in the currency of the country in which the Jet Club member lives.
  7. For a claim to be valid:
  8. You need to have been a Jet Club member for three consecutive months.
  9. You must have paid three consecutive Jet Club premiums on your Edcon account card and must be up to date with your Jet Club premiums at time of death.
  10. Your Edcon account card monthly instalments must be paid up to date and in good standing at the time of death.
  11. The death must have occurred within 12 months of date of claim.
  12. For a claim to be paid out, all valid documentation must be submitted with the claim to a Jet/JetMart Store
  13. Documents needed
  14. Death certificate
  15. Identity document of the deceased (if applicable)
  16. Identity document of the claimant (if applicable)
  17. Certified copy of marriage certificate
  18. A relationship-status affidavit in the event of non-spouse claims
  19. letter of authority from the court (if applicable)
  20. police report if death is by unnatural causes
  21. Notification of death BI 1663. (SA Only)
  22. All claims will be paid out in the Jet/JetMart store where the claim was initiated. Claims may be paid out via EFT if requested by the claimant.
  23. You must have joined Jet Club before your 65th birthday. (This benefit covers your lifestime. No exit ages applies).
  24. To give members the best premiums possible, insurance companies need to properly assess risk and reduce insurance fraud. As a result, they need to share information. If you do not give Jet Club consent to share your claims information with Hollard, you need to cancel your Jet Club membership by contacting Jet on 0860 113 639 or emailing


  1. All competitions in Jet Club magazine are open to Jet Club members only, who are 18 years of age or older (with the exception of competitions for children).
  2. Competitions are not open to employees of Edcon Limited (‘Edcon’) and their immediate families, and Edcon’s advertising and promotions agencies and associated companies.
  3. Competitions are open for a limited time only as published in each issue of Jet Club magazine.
  4. By entering any competition in Jet Club magazine, entrants agree to abide by the rules and conditions of the competition.
  5. Account instalments and Club premiums must be paid up to date in order to stand a chance of winning Jet Club giveaways or competitions.
  6. Winners are selected by random draw unless otherwise stated.
  7. Winners will be notified by telephone and will receive their prize/s by post.
  8. Standard SMS rates apply unless otherwise stated.
  9. Prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged for their cash value.
  10. Prizes exclude any other expenses incurred by winning participants when participating in the competitions.
  11. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  12. Any information disclosed by entrants will only be used to contact the entrant, should they be selected as a winner.
  13. Edcon reserves the right to make media announcements and/or publish names and photographs of competition winners. Errors and omissions excepted.
  14. Edcon will require Winners to consent before they can be asked to participate in any marketing activity or have their image or name used in any way.
  15. Sponsoring parties are not responsible or liable for any or all losses, rights, claims and actions in connection with, or resulting from, participation in competitions or acceptance of prizes.
  16. Winners may not win a Jet Club competition more than once in a 90 (ninety) day period. Any winners drawn who have won in the last 90 (ninety) days will be disqualified from the competition and another winner will be drawn.
  17. Entrants may send as many entries as they like.


  1. Providing assistance for emergency household repairs that need to be carried out within 2 hours of the call and that could result in consequential damage. Service providers are dispatched in the event of electrical and plumbing problems, locksmiths, glaziers or if an essential appliance needs to be repaired.
  2. The service provides for three incidents per calendar year.
  3. The benefits do not accumulate in the event that you have not claimed your maximum limit of three incidents per calendar year.
  4. This cost includes call-out and first hour labour but excludes costs related to parts.
  5. Household Repairs Assistance will be provided in the event of non-emergency repairs; the member will then be liable for costs and must settle directly with the service provider at the time of repair.
  6. Incidents not attended to on the instruction of a Jet Club representative case manager will not be considered after any repair.
  7. Emergency repairs outside of the domestic dwelling are not included i.e. office premises, public buildings or outbuildings not attached to the main building etc.
  8. A repair incident is considered per service category, e.g. if an electrician is called out to repair a fault on the distribution board, as well as an electrical connection, this is treated as one call out.
  9. If an appliance is still under warranty, it will be referred to the manufacturer for repair.
  10. Service guarantees vary and will be stated on the service provider’s invoice.
  11. Jet Club representatives will attend to and dispatch a service provider in the event your window is broken or cracked. We cover the call-out fee and first hour labour only for standard sized windows. Any additional costs will be for the client’s account including parts
  12. Electrical Repairs include:
    1. Distribution boards, circuits, main cables
    2. Earth leakage relays
    3. Geyser connections, thermostats and elements
    4. Plug points causing power failures
    5. General house wiring
    6. Light fittings or switches causing power failures
    7. Lightning strikes on wiring
    8. Burnt connections
    9. Connections to all electrical motors e.g. electric gate motor
    10. Municipal connections inside of the property
  13. Electrical Repairs exclude:
    1. Electric gates and doors
    2. Jacuzzi, swimming pool or borehole pumps
    3. Air conditioners and commercial refrigeration
    4. Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS and others
    5. Geyser solar panels
  14. Plumbing Repairs include:
    1. Visible burst water connections and pipes
    2. Municipal connections inside the property
    3. Blocked drains, toilets, baths and sinks
    4. Geyser overflow valves (lacto and pressure release)
  15. Plumbing Repairs exclude:
    1. Jacuzzis, swimming pools or boreholes
    2. Leak detection inspection
    3. Repairs not complying with regulated specifications such as SABS or others
  16. Locksmith Repairs include:
    1. Keys broken off or lost for the main entrance or exit to a house.
  17. Locksmith Repairs exclude:
    1. Burglary incidents
    2. Outbuildings
    3. Padlocks
    4. Safes
  18. Appliance Repairs include:
    1. Fridges
    2. Freezers
    3. Washing machines
    4. Stoves (only if complete function is lost – if one or more plates are working it is not deemed to be an emergency repair)
  19. Appliance Repairs exclude:
    1. Damages to cosmetic parts (parts not influencing the operation of the appliance)
    2. Repairs to items damaged due to theft, rust, fire or ordinary wear and tear
    3. All appliances not listed above


  1. Access to the service is available to valid Jet Club members only (members whose premiums are up to date at time of claim) 
  2. Based on symptom assessment, a Jet Club representative may refer a member to a medical professional. Any costs incurred for services rendered by a medical professional are to be paid by the member. 
  3. Symptom assessments are made based on the information provided by the member at the time of the call and can only be as accurate as the information provided by the member.


  1. Claims Procedure
    1. The Jet Club member should contact the Jet Club Call Centre to report the incident telephonically. Following the initial telephone counselling by the resource nurse and/or referral (if necessary), claim forms will be faxed or mailed to the client to complete.
    2. The Club member pays for treatment and claims back expenses from RSI (Risk Solutions International). 
    3. The client submits the following documentation to Postal Address - RSI, PO Box 1181, Ruimsig, 1732. 
      1. Claim Form & Police Case number (for assault) 
      2. Medical reports in the event of injury.
      3. Certified copy of the client’s Identity document. 
      4. Banking details of the client
    4. RSI will review the above documents to make a decision on the validity of the claim. If the claim is valid, RSI will reimburse the client.
    5. Claims must be submitted within 30 days.


  1. Access to the service is available to valid Jet Club members only (members whose premiums are up to date at time of claim)
  2. Benefits are limited to
    1. one free letter of demand
    2. one free face –to-face 30-minute consultation with an Attorney on our panel..
    3. one telephone call


  1. Vouchers may only be redeemed by valid Jet Club members.
  2. Vouchers are valid for a limited period only.
  3. Vouchers are valid at Jet and JetMart stores only (excluding Zambia, Ghana and Mozambique).
  4. Vouchers must be produced in-store to qualify.
  5. Vouchers can only be redeemed using a valid Jet Account Card.
  6. Vouchers may not be used together with any other promotion or special offer.
  7. Vouchers are valid against regular-priced merchandise only.
  8. No change will be given against any discount vouchers.
  9. The discount voucher cannot be used for account payments.
  10. Vouchers cannot be used to purchase airtime, data, gift cards or cigarettes.
  11. Only one voucher may be redeemed per transaction.
  12. Vouchers may only be redeemed once.
  13. No photocopies permitted.
  14. Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash equivalent.
  15. Minimum spend threshold applies per voucher.
  16. Vouchers cannot be transferred to another party.
  17. The relevant local currency applies.
  18. Vouchers may not be used on returned items.
  19. Only 1 Jet Club voucher will be issued per month


  1. Any advice given is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
  2. No medication included.


  1. Offer is available to Greyhound and Citiliner destinations in South Africa only
  2. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers
  3. Ticket must be purchased on a valid Jet account in order to qualify.


  1. Coupons are redeemable at selected Checkers, Shoprite and Checkers Hyper stores in SA only.
  2. Coupons are valid for a limited time only.
  3. Current available coupons may vary.
  4. Only South African residents may take up coupon offers. 
  5. Each coupon barcode may be redeemed only once. 
  6. Each code may only be entered once however multiple unique codes may be entered on each purchase.
  7. Limited to 5 coupons per customer.
  8. Only one coupon may be redeemed per product purchased from us. 
  9. Coupons are not transferable. They may only be redeemed by the person to whom they were issued unless we give our written consent for the coupon to be transferred to another person.
  10. A coupon may not be used in conjunction with any other special offer, promotion, voucher or coupon. 
  11. Coupons cannot be redeemed against prior purchases. 
  12. Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash or for other vouchers of any kind. 
  13. No change will be paid out if the value of the products for which the coupon is used is less than the value of the coupon.
  14. Coupons subject to regional availability, stock availability, and available in selected Checkers,
  15. Checkers Hyper and Shoprite stores only.


  1. Benefit is only valid within the borders of South Africa.
  2. Airtime discounts will differ between networks.
  3. A minimum purchase of R 10.00 value of airtime is required.
  4. A maximum purchase of R 999 value of airtime is acceptable.
  5. Payment for airtime is facilitated via the i-Pay gateway, through means of an instant EFT.
  6. Multiple airtime purchases are acceptable however the member will incur the relevant transaction fees per successful request.
  7. Airtime is distributed immediately once the instant EFT has been successfully completed.
  8. Contact centre to access airtime benefit is available 07h00 – 19h00 (Monday – Friday) and 08h00 – 12h00 (Saturday).
  9. Contact centre is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.
  10. Should members call outside of the operating hours, an after-hours message will be played, providing the call-centre hours, within which the member will be assisted.
  11. Randgo is liable for service rendered by any third party.
  12. Network service provider terms and conditions apply.
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