Lifestyle Vouchers and travel deals

Jet Club members will have access to discounted lifestyle benefits through various channels under the following categories:
  • Travel
  • Automotive
  • Leisure and Entertainment
The benefit can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Access to pre-negotiated discounted offerings on products and services from leading brands
  • We will source and negotiate discounted offerings on products and services based on your company’s needs
  • We can deliver access to the product through various channels based on your requirements

Our travel agents will find you the best possible deal within your budget and assist you with making the booking and other travel arrangements.

We offer dramatically reduced prices (10% - 70%) at more than 2,500 destinations (local & international) as well as assistance with planning the other services needed for your travel needs including:
  • Private homes on SA’s premier golf estates
  • Hotels, lodges, B&Bs and guesthouses
  • Self-catering resorts
  • All-inclusive international packages
  • Cruises
  • Day trips and gift experiences
  • Car rental
  • Bus travel
  • Airport shuttles
  • Flights

PLEASE NOTE: Terms and conditions apply to all Jet Club benefits, visit for more

LIFESTYLE VOUCHERS & TRAVEL DEALS  LIFESTYLE VOUCHERS & TRAVEL DEALS Reviewed by Michelle Pienaar on October 01, 2021 Rating: 5
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