Will Drafting Benefit

Secure your family’s future by drawing up a Last Will and Testament, and rest in the knowledge that your final wishes will be respected, and your loved ones will be taken care of.

Send an email to wills@wills4free.co.za or a WhatsApp to 081 313 9321 with your name, surname, cell number, email address and your date of birth, and we will call you to arrange an appointment. You can also register for your Will drafting Benefit at www.jetclub.co.za.

Your Last Will and Testament is an expression of your final wishes of what should happen to everything that you have worked so hard for during your life. Jet Club, in partnership with At Your Service and Capital Legacy, is now providing all our members with a free Will drafting service.

If you don’t have a signed, legally binding Will when you pass on, the government will decide who gets your possessions, and it is possible that the people you wanted to benefit will not do so – or people you didn't want as beneficiaries might receive part of your inheritance.

  • It provides for your inheritance to be passed onto the ones you love and intend to benefit.
  • It protects your children’s inheritance – if you don’t have a legally binding Will, the Government Guardian Fund will manage your children’s inheritance until they are of age.
  • It makes sure that your wishes are carried out when it comes to who inherits your possessions
  • With proper planning, a will saves on estate duty (a tax payable on death) with more being left to your loved ones.
  • It lets you appoint professionals to execute your Estate so that loved ones you leave behind can rest in the knowledge that your wishes will be carried out fairly

Without the protection of a Will, the lives of those you love can be severely disrupted when you’re gone causing emotional and financial stress. There have been cases where the spouse of the deceased gets thrown out of their home they lived in for decades, because their partner didn’t have a valid Will and the partner’s family decided they wanted the house. In another case, a legal spouse of a wealthy man received nothing but a home appliance after her husband passed on, all because he had not signed his most recent updated Will.

We will arrange to meet at your convenience – at your home or work, or anywhere else that suits you – and at a time that is convenient for you, whether it be during work hours or after. Our consultant will discuss your wishes with you and provide a tailor-made Last Will and Testament that suits your needs. Qualified legal advisors will explain everything you need to know, and provide you with an estate calcula- tion. You can later make amendments to your Will, and it will be kept in safe custody so there’s no question of it being lost. All of this at no charge to you!

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