Want to give your nails some spring sparkle? We’ve rounded up 5 of the biggest nail trends to inspire you!

Nail trends can sometimes be difficult to do at home, but this season’s trends are not only stylish, but also practical.

Rainbows are all the rage this season. Last month we showed you how to wear it as eye make-up, but it’s also a big nail trend for Spring 2019. Getting the look is easy: just choose your fave nail colours and paint away!

If the rainbow nail trend is a bit too wild for you, this one might be more up your alley. Take your favourite shade and paint a thin line on your cuticles, lock it in with clear nail polish and you’ve nailed the trend! 

This is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this bright ‘90s trend is making a big comeback and it’s got us humming Spice Girls songs to ourselves… 

If your nails grow fast you’ll be delighted to know that this is the ultimate regrowth-friendly trend! Don’t trust your nail painting skills? Keep an earbud and nail polish remover handy to wipe around the half-moon to create a clean circle. 

If you can’t go to a party, why not bring the party to you? These glitzy nails will put a smile on your face everytime you look at them! Get some nail art stickers and fill the gaps with a sparkly glitter polish. Have fun!

Wearing nail polish for prolonged periods can cause them to break or discolour. Here’s how you can keep your nails looking their best!

- Keep them dry and clean.Unfortunately, you can’t avoid doing the dishes (sigh!) but you can wear cotton-lined rubber gloves to protect your nails from the harsh chemicals.

- Cut your nails the correct way. The best time to trim your nails is immediately after taking a bath or shower. Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips using a nail file. Remember to disinfect your nail clippers regularly.

- Take care of your cuticles. If you don’t have cuticle oil, you can use coconut oil as a substitute.When using hand lotion, rub it into your fingernails and cuticles too.

- Always use a base coat. This will prevent your nails from staining due to nail polish use.

Don’t forget Jet have a wide variety of hand and nail products for you get the look!

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