Skin isn't the only thing that needs proper protection from the sun and hot weather. Our hair can be scorched by harsh sunrays resulting in dry, brittle strands and itchy scalp.

From hair trends, celeb styles and summer must-haves – we’ve got you sorted from A-Z!

Alice bands are one of the biggest fashion trends right now. The simple and adorable headband has made a major comeback and is now more stylish than ever, with decorations of pearls, sequins and embellishments. Adorn yourself with some eye candy like actress Garcelle Beauvais who looks exquisite with her diamanté Alice band.

B - Brush carefully. Wet hair is prone to breakage and tangling.

C - Cut split ends. A good old snip not only makes hair look healthier, but prevents the split from travelling up the hair shaft.

D - Deodorise. Refresh a hot scalp with a tea tree-based spritz. Make your own by adding a few drops of tea tree oil to a spritz bottle of water.

E - Enjoy swimming but don’t forget to protect your hair. Apply conditioner before taking a dip, then rinse off damaging chlorine or salt water and reapply.

F - Frizz is caused by all the humidity that summer brings to your hair causing it to be dry and brittle, even more so when your hair is parched from heat styling and chemical treatments. The key? Building moisture into every step of your routine! To combat hair frizz try this routine: brush your hair as little as possible, use an ultra hydrating shampoo and conditioner, rinse your hair with cold water, double up on some leave-in conditioner and add extra moisture with hair serum.

G - Grease be gone. Layering on too many styling products can leave your scalp heavy and oily. Remove build-up with a clarifying shampoo every second week.

H - Hydrate. Drink plenty of water to keep your body and hair hydrated from the inside out.

I - Itchy scalp control: treat uncomfortable scalps immediately to prevent further scalp issues. Try Dark & Lovely Hair Food.

J - Jojoba Oil can be used as a hair moisturiser. It can also be added to hair conditioners to give you added protection against dryness, breakage, and split ends. It helps to strengthen your hair, prevent hair loss and promote thickness

K - Keep curls in shape. Scrunch curl-holding cream onto wet hair, squeezing out excess water. Finish off with a serum to keep moisture in and frizz out.

L - Lock in shine. Spritz an oil sheen spray over your style once it’s done.

M - Mask once a week. Apply from roots to ends and cover with a shower cap or warm towel. Allow to absorb for one hour, then rinse off and style. Try ORS Hair Mayonnaise.

N - No-lye relaxers. Make the switch – these are milder and gentler on your scalp and ends.

O - Oils to the rescue. Look for daily-use products that contain nourishing oils like coconut, olive and Argan.

P - Polished ponytail. Mix a drop of anti-frizz cream with a spritz of hairspray in the palm of your hand. Smooth over the pony to get rid of strays and give it extra holding power.

Q - Quit heat styling. Go heat-free at least once a week. Limit hot tools like flat irons and curling tongs, as these add to breakage.

R - Restore with weekly hair treatments to revive the natural elasticity of your hair.

S - Short crop. Tyra Banks wears her pixie cut brushed forward to frame her eyes, and blonde highlights give texture to her hair. Add light summer tones with Dark And Lovely Color Intensity in Amber Blonde. Get more inspiration here.

T - Trend alert. The basic bun goes high, very high! Zendaya wears hers at the crown of her head. A great hot-weather do.

U - Under cover. Wear a sun hat when outdoors – your scalp and hair get sunburnt too!

V - Volumise. Perspiration and natural oils can leave roots limp. Use volumising shampoo and follow with root lift spray before drying.

W - Weave-savvy. Give hair a break from weaves and opt for clip-in extensions if you want extra length. Read more about the pros and cons of wigs versus weaves here.

X - X-factor tresses. Go bold without the commitment of permanent colour. Try chalking in purple, blue and pink – or go for clip-in colour. Supermodel Gigi Hadid pulls it off so well with pink highlights in her pony tail.

Y - Your go-to style. On hot, humid days find a style that works with your natural hair texture, like Grecian-inspired twists and plaits.

Z - Zero boredom. Now you know your ABCs, go out there and enjoy the sun!

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