For entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, presenter TT (Thato) Mbha, being a father to daughters Thato (10) and Boitumelo (7) is a privilege and the highest calling. ‘To my kids, I am their friend first. I am a friend they can talk to, count on and confide in. They know I will always be there,’ he says.

TT says fathers must create an environment that allows their children to feel safe and comfortable to come and talk to them about anything. But don’t be fooled; he doesn’t let them have their way when they’ve crossed the line. He tells us that he is the disciplinarian. ‘I’m a little strict, but my wife is more lenient,’ says the 43-year-old father. ‘God forbid, something happens to me; I want them to be able to face the world and stand for themselves.’

‘Being a father is such a humbling privilege. Everyone can be a dad, but not everyone can be a father. I want to encourage absent fathers to take responsibility for their kids. His advice to fathers is simple, ‘It’s never too late to fix your wrongs and spend time with your kids. It’s not only about money but about time.’

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This unwavering commitment to his family saw many men reaching out to him for advice. That gave birth to a movement TT started in March 2021 called Amatyma (fathers). ‘Amatyma focuses on responsible fatherhood. It is a program and platform I am pushing very hard to get men to talk about different issues that affect them, such as mental and financial wellness and gender-based violence.’

This loving husband reveals that he can balance his roles and handle life’s challenges because of the support he gets from his wife.

‘I love and respect my wife. One thing that has never changed about our relationship, even after we got married, is that we are friends. She’s my close buddy, someone I can confide in, be vulnerable to, cry in front of.’ He reveals that they still have their date nights without the kids and “baecations”.

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The golf fanatic tells us that his journey has not always been clear. After graduating with a diploma in Fashion Design and Clothing Management, he worked for various corporate brands for 10 years until he decided to join the world of television. He joined Black Brain Pictures, a television production company and produced some award-winning shows like City Ses’la and Ses’ Top La.

However, it took being diagnosed with acute meningitis in 2014 that TT finally decided to leave his glamorous television job and pursue his passion in real estate. ‘Being hospitalised for a week gave me time to slow down and introspect. I knew that I must take that risk and follow my dream.’

TT tells us that his love for real estate started at the age of 12. ‘I used to have a weird habit of walking around the township looking at beautiful houses, especially corner houses,’ he recalls. After that, he decided to follow his dream of becoming a realtor, even when it meant starting from the bottom. 

He’s been his own boss since and has founded several businesses, including Black Real Estate and Mzansi Cribs, which also gave birth to his popular television show Mzansi Cribs Makeover on Mzansi Magic.


‘Through the years, I want most of the projects I get into to have a community drive infused in them,’ says a man who proudly calls himself a Kasi boy. This serial entrepreneur, who hails from Pimville, Soweto, is passionate about ekasi (township). He also runs an NPO, TT Mbha Community Drive, dedicated to doing community work such as giving food parcels and clothes to those in need.

TWITTER: @ttmbha

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