There are all sorts of cool eyeshadows – from pans to pots to palettes – each with their own texture and formula. Wagheeba January has these top tips for a glam new look.

Probably the most common eyeshadow, pressed powder is great for beginners. The pigment is pressed and compacted into a neat little pan. It’s easy to blend and is available in various sizes and colour combinations.
How to use: If you’re new to this, start off with a single neutral shade and sweep it all over your eyelid with a large brush. The trick here is to blend, blend and blend some more.
Skin type: This type of eyeshadow is best for oily skins.

Perfect for the girl on the go, liquid eyeshadow is quick and easy to apply. Simply swipe it over your eyelid, and you’re ready. Nifty tip: use it as a base for powder or pigment shadows – they will stick to it, giving you an even bolder look.
How to use: Liquid eyeshadow is best applied with a small brush, which is usually supplied.
Skin type: Works best on dry skin as it ‘creases’ easily.

The rich texture of cream eyeshadow provides a high, glossy shine on the eyelid. Embrace your inner wild child, dip your finger in and experiment! This formula tends to ‘crease’ easily so be sparing in the creases of your eyes. Apply an eyeshadow primer first to enhance the hue and make it pop. Nifty tip: if you don’t have a primer, concealer can be used in its place.
How to use: Dip your fingertip into the pot, tap and blend into your eyelid.
Skin type: Not recommended for oily skin.

This stick eyeshadow is ultra-versatile and super easy to use. You don’t need a brush to apply it and it’s perfect for touch-ups. To add a small pop of colour to your look, you can also use it as an eyeliner. Stick eyeshadows are long lasting and highly pigmented.
How to use: Draw, smudge and smear.
Skin type: Not recommended for oily skin.

Pigment eyeshadows are bright and bold, and always a winner for parties and special occasions. They are best applied using a flat brush, but be sure to tap off excess product before doing so. Pigment is similar to pressed powder, but much looser, so take care when applying.
How to use: Help your pigment stay put by using a primer first, or wet the brush before applying your eyeshadow.
Skin type: If you have oily skin this one’s for you!

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