Having fun with your kids doesn’t have to cost anything – check out our 5 fun options.

Children are never happier than when spending quality time with their parents or caregivers, and there are lots of ways to have fun with your kids that don’t have to cost anything.

Watch their faces light up when you’re pushing them on a swing or roundabout, or they’re flying down a slide with the wind in their face! If there’s a play park in your area, you’ll both get additional exercise from the walk there and back – bonus!

What child doesn’t like cookies or fudge? It’s a huge adventure for small kids to help you make delicious treats. With really small tots you can create no-bake goodies like chocolate and coconut balls, coconut ice or fridge cake. Older kids can get creative with biscuits, cupcakes, tray bakes or anything else that takes their fancy. There are loads of things you can make with affordable basic ingredients.

Kids who don’t have a sweet tooth might enjoy making an easy quiche, pasta dish or something like toad-in-the-hole, that’s just pork sausages baked in a Yorkshire-pudding batter.

A really easy treat to make is frozen pops – just fill ice trays with fruit juice or yoghurt and freeze!

Get the whole family together over some tasty snacks and create fun stories! One person makes up the beginning of a story and talks for about three minutes, then the next person makes up the next part of the story until everyone has had a turn. You can carry on for as long as you like with the original story or start a new one.

If there are mountains, forests, rivers or other natural areas near you, pack a picnic basket and revel in the beauty of nature. If there are mountain trails be sure to follow the route and always stay together (and don’t forget the sunblock).

Ask all the kids in the neighbourhood to come to a given meeting point like an empty parking lot, park or the grounds of a block of flats, and have your own neighbourhood sports day. Divide the kids into appropriate age groups and have running races – the little ones will enjoy three-legged races and you can even create obstacle courses by placing things like empty drums, chairs, benches or anything else that creates an ‘obstacle’ around which they must run. All the adults can get together and pool resources for small prizes (these can be homemade cookies, a packet of chips or small toys
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