Jet Club Editor, Koketso Mashika, loves to experiment with different styles. Here she shares her top hair tips on braids, locks, weaves & wigs and cornrows.

Protective hairstyles such as braids are an ideal way to protect your tresses from the harsh elements in autumn and winter.

Box braids are my personal go-to style due to their easy maintenance and versatility in achieving various styles. They also make it easy to keep my natural hair and scalp moisturised.

My tip: Following a generous amount of moisturising spray, I seal in the moisture by massaging castor oil into my scalp.

Wigs are great for all-year convenience. I recently joined the growing number of women who turned their weaves into wigs. Besides offering protection, they are to a bad hair day what a good friend is on a bad day. Dominating weave and wig trends for this season are bobs and big wavy curls.

Just remember to never leave a sewn-in wig for longer than two weeks to avoid hair breakage and scalp irritation.

Growing up, my mother kept my hair in cornrows or the tried and tested ‘Benny & Betty’ hairstyle. As a result, I had good strong natural hair.

Just as my mother did, I also keep my daughter’s hair in these styles. Not only do they keep her hair protected, they are age-appropriate and offer an easy way to keep her hair neat and manageable.

There are many modern-day versions of these basic styles so you can choose one that expresses your individuality.

We have seen throngs of women opt for chemical-free treated hair. Styles such as locs have been popular for many years. Real or faux, they are a trend with staying power.

For more than eight years I grew locs but cut them when it was time for a change. If you don’t have the patience to grow them long, faux locs are just as popular and make a gorgeous alternative. Accessories can be added to them, and they come in a range of different shades to suit any skin type.

The trend of cutting hair before winter to get it healthy for summer continues this year.

It is amazing what adding colour can do for short hair. Some of the season’s hot shades are caramel, chestnut brown, rich copper and dark mahogany.

Taking extra care of your hair during colder months is important. Over the years, I experimented with numerous at-home treatments to help keep my hair healthy and manageable.

My must-do weekly at-home treatment starts with a DIY scalp scrub (a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and shampoo). That is followed by shampooing, then a hot-oil treatment of jojoba, coconut and castor oils. I then shampoo again, followed by a conditioner or hair mask.

  1. Wash, condition, moisturise and trim split ends regularly.
  2. Don’t braid too tightly as it can cause damage to the scalp and hairline.
  3. Go easy on heat and chemicals.
  4. Keep it interesting with accessories.

By Koketso Mashika

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