Here are a few tips to make it even easier and maximise your chance of getting the job.

Job seeking today is easier than it used to be, as you can simply go online or get in touch with a recruitment agency. Check out our below tips plus tips on how to nail and interview and must-have job apps to try.

Registering with a recruitment agency takes a lot of the effort out of finding a job. After tirelessly looking for work Ayanda, 35, eventually registered with a recruitment agency. ‘I forwarded my CV and they called me in for an assessment,’ she says. ‘They sent me to two companies for interviews and I got a job!’ That’s the good thing about agencies, says Cape Town-based Thato Matlala, co-founder of EndoFaiya, a talent enabler and HR business partner at ooba. ‘Their turnaround time is fast. They have access to companies and know their recruitment needs. They can match your skills and experience to the needs of a company.’ It’s not as simple if you’re job hunting yourself as you’ll need to spend a lot of time networking and subscribing to job portals. Clive Greaver, talent acquisition consultant at Godisang Recruitment says, ‘Your application sometimes gets lost among the countless applications that an employer receives and you might never get any feedback. We follow up on your behalf.’ When an agency signs you on to their books they will need the relevant documents such as your CV, proof of qualifications, ID and even a recent payslip. Greaver says the payslip is to help the agency get you the best remuneration package

It’s vital to check whether the recruitment agency is legit. Search for them online and check if they are registered. ‘A reputable agency will have a landline number and a website address,’ says Greaver. Matlala advises that you ask how many people they’ve placed, to give you an idea of their track record. According to one of the telltale signs of a fly-by-night agency is being sent emails from different addresses. The Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations, which oversees the recruitment industry, stipulates that agencies should not charge job-seekers as they make their money by billing their clients. So be wary of an agency that wants you to pay them a fee.

Make sure your CV is up to date and always keep it short and precise. ‘Ensure that your covering letter is written as a brief biography that mentions your career history and experience,’ advises Matlala. When writing your CV, only include information that demonstrates capabilities and achievements that are relevant to the job you want. For free downloadable CV and cover letter templates go to resume genius. com/resume-templates. Matlala says that digital CVs in the form of video and audio clips are a growing trend, and in a couple of years this will be the case here in Africa too. So skill up and jump on the bandwagon!

Wouldn’t you want to join an agency that could find you a placement within 48 hours? Believe it or not, that’s the turnaround time for Giraffe, the fastest-growing mobile recruitment platform. The award-winning start-up launched three years ago and reported having received more than 10 000 job-seeker registrations in the first two months. To date, it is estimated to have placed almost 300 000 candidates. In an interview, co-founder Anish Shivdasani said that their phenomenal growth can be attributed to their quick and efficient placement at low cost. Giraffe has simplified the recruitment process by allowing companies to download the app and submit a staff request on the website. From there, the app automatically identifies suitable candidates, contacts them via SMS and schedules interviews. And in just a few days candidates are placed!

Many people tend to over-plan for an interview, but author and professional interviewer Carol Martin says in her book, What to Say in Every Job Interview, that you should concentrate on just three things: Can you do the job, do you fit into the company’s culture and can the employer afford your services? Matlala adds, ‘At the interview, you have an opportunity to tell your potential employer why they should employ you. Also ask questions to assess the company’s culture and growth opportunities.’

By Lisa Thabethe

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