It is not always easy being single over the holidays, but it need not be a time to dread. Take our tips and rock your single status as the year draws to an end.

The holiday season promises days off work, beautiful weather and a busy social calendar full of brunches, lunches, dinners, parties and other events. For those of us who are single, whether by choice or not, this time of year can also be something of a challenge. Fielding questions from nosy family members about the state of your love life or playing the third wheel to your paired-off friends can get you down, so we've come up with seven tips to help you dodge the holiday blues and stay happily single. 

If you tell yourself you're missing out because you aren't partnered up, you'll only end up causing yourself unhappiness and emotional stress. Change gears and shift your focus to the positive aspects of being single. Take time to concentrate on the things that you enjoy, that makes you happy. Also be grateful for the fact that you have nobody else to take into account so you can do exactly what you want to do, when and where you want to! 

If you have friends who are also single, make plans together or let them be your go-to people for ideas on fun things to do or places to go that you have not tried before. While you’re at it, plan a trip out of town with a couple of single friends and have the time of your lives. This gives you something to look forward to, and it's a great opportunity to build wonderful memories, and maybe even make new friends. 

Make a point of spending time with people who bring out the best in you because keeping the right company makes a huge difference to any situation. Avoid those ‘perfect’ couples who make everyone else feel less fortunate; mix things up and invite all your favourite people over – friends, relatives, couples and singles – and have fun. Plan a movie or game night and enjoy! 

‘After all, it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship that’s not right for you’. 

The holiday season brings plenty of opportunities to treat yourself to a fresh haircut, a stylish outfit or two, a different perfume or any other spoils. This kind of self-care can really help you realise how important it is to prioritise yourself and your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. The bonus? You don’t need to worry about getting a gift for a partner. 

When the friends’ and family invitations come with a ‘bring whoever you’re seeing’ or ‘don’t forget your plus one’, it’s easy to feel that all eyes will be on you when you enter the room on your own. Don’t let that stop you – be courageous, confident and charismatic enough for two! Or you could take along a good friend who’s always fun to be with. 

So you’re going to a family gathering where you know you’ll get that ‘why are you still single?’ question. Plan ahead! Rehearse your response so that you are perfectly prepared and don’t get upset or let it spoil your mood. After all, it’s better to be single than to be in a relationship that’s not right for you. 

The holidays offer the chance to meet and engage with new people. The season is packed with social events so the opportunities are everywhere to make new connections, whether with those who are on leave from work or tourists visiting your city. Make a concerted effort to go to new places, meet new people and try new things. 
By Wesley Francis

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