A helpful checklist can ensure a stress-free start to the new school year for you and your child.

The trick to taking the stress out of a new school year is to prepare in stages over a period of time, so there’s no last-minute rush or crisis shopping. To make your life easier, here is a countdown checklist before school starts!


☐ Check that your child’s registration is in order – especially if they are joining a new school. 

☐ Get a copy of the school calendar and diarise important dates and extracurricular activities. We’ve created a handy downloadable weekly planner that you can download here.

☐ Ensure that the required vaccinations of first-time school-goers are up to date.

☐ Organise safe transportation for your child if you’re unable to transport them yourself.

☐ Create a detailed list of necessary clothing, stationery and other supplies.

☐ Shop for stationery and supplies.

☐ Save time and money by bulk shopping for non-perishable grocery basics like juice and snack foods.

☐ Enquire whether your child’s school offers second-hand uniforms at discounted prices and schedule a visit as soon as possible. Or ask other parents with older children if they have second-hand uniforms.

☐ Ensure that your child is back into their normal bedtime routine.

☐ Schedule a haircut for your child, if needed.

☐ Compile a list of favourite foods so that you can plan lunches ahead of time.

☐ Encourage your child to get their room and study table organised.

☐ Ensure that your child’s name is on all of their belongings.

☐ Prepare a yummy lunch and snack.

☐ Cut their nails.

☐ Pack all supplies in your child’s backpack.

☐ Iron and lay out school clothing.

☐ Set the alarm clock.

☐ Prepare a special back-to-school dinner to celebrate the start of a new school year!

☐ Let your child spend a peaceful half-hour or so, without any TV or computer games, before going to bed.

Follow these savvy back-to-school shopping tips:

  • Confirm with the class teacher that your child has exactly what they need for school and stick to this list.
  • Some schools have class WhatsApp groups that can be very helpful. If it’s not your child’s first year at school, and if some of their textbooks from last year are still in good condition, you can use the WhatsApp group to sell them to other parents to make extra money that can go towards other expenses for the new grade.
  • Don’t take younger children with you when shopping as they will most likely see plenty of things they want! Give older children a strict budget for necessities only. 
  • Invest in quality backpacks, as these can take a beating.
  • Shop around for bargains when looking for standard uniform items like white shirts or grey shorts. Jet offers quality uniforms at unbeatable prices. 
  • Buy items in bulk with other parents to save money. 
  • If purchasing a new school uniform, opt for a slightly larger size to allow for longer wear.
Wrapping school books can be time-consuming and expensive. Save money by covering books with plain brown paper, then let your child get creative and personalise each book with:

  • Drawings in pencil, pen, crayon or pencil crayon
  • Cut-out comic strips
  • Stickers
  • Photos
  • Old wrapping paper
  • Old greeting cards
  • Doodles
  • Images from calendars
  • Magazine pictures
Once decoration is completed, wrap the book with clear plastic for extra protection.

A little forward thinking, a touch of creativity and proper planning can help
to ensure a fuss-free start to a new grade for your child and set the tone for a successful school year. Here’s to happy learners and relaxed parents!

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