There’s no phrase that strikes fear in a parent or care giver more than: 'I'm bored' – that every kid is sure to utter at some point this summer. 

Keeping the kids entertained at home without resorting to handing over the iPad or your phone is easier than you think. All it takes is some paper, a stick of glue, a few everyday household items and a dash of creativity to keep the children entertained. 


You will need:
• Green paper
• Small pieces of coloured paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Sticky tape

How to make it:
1. Cut a strip of green paper at least 15cm wide.
2. Ask an adult to help you put it around your head to measure it so that it fits.
3. Make a mark a little further on so you can overlap the ends when you stick them together with glue later.
4. Lay the strip of paper flat again and cut points of about 7cm in length, using the picture as a guide. You should get about five or six points.
5. Glue or tape the ends of your crown together.
6. Cut out flower shapes (or any other shapes) using the coloured paper and stick them on to decorate your crown. You can also use real flowers and leaves from outside for a authentic effect!


You will need:
• A toilet roll tube
• Red paper
• White paper
• Black koki
• Glue
• Scissors

How to make it:
1. Use the koki to make the toilet roll tube black.
2. Cut out a circle shape on the red paper, then cut it in half for the wings.
3. Draw black dots on the wings.
4. Cut two small circles of white paper and draw black circles on them for the eyes.
5. Cut out two strips for the feelers and colour them in black.
6. Stick the wings, eyes and feelers onto the tube, using the picture as a guide.


For the apple you will need:
• A paper plate
• Red paint
• Green paper OR white paper and green paint
• Glue
• Scissors

How to make it:
1. Using the picture here as a guide, cut the paper plate into the shape of an apple and paint it red.
2. Cut out two leaf shapes from the green paper. If you’re using white paper, paint the paper green. When the paint is dry, cut out two leaf shapes.
3. Stick the two leaves together and then onto the plate.

For the hungry worm you will need: 
• Green paper
• Black koki
• A hole punch
• 1 black pipe cleaner per worm (you can make two or three worms to decorate your apple!)
• 2 googly eyes per worm (available from craft shops)
• Sticky tape
• A ruler for measuring

How to make it:
1. Cut a strip of green paper about 2cm wide and 15cm long.
2. Tape one end of the strip of paper onto your apple.
3. Bend the paper gently to form a fold or bend, and secure the next section of paper with tape. Keep doing this until you have three bumps.
4. Fold the loose end of paper into a ring shape (the worm’s head).
5. Make two holes at the top of the ring and weave the pipe cleaner through them (the feelers).
6. Put a dot of glue on each googly eye and stick them on, then draw a little mouth with the koki pen.


Mom and Dad – we recommend helping smaller children with the measuring and cutting of the wrapping paper for the jewellery box. Also, place the unused match boxes in a container for use at a later stage.

You will need:
• 6 big empty matchboxes
• Glue
• Ruler and pencil
• Wrapping paper or brown paper
• Scissors
• 6 large beads (plus glitter or anything else for decoration)

How to make it:
1. Divide the matchboxes into three pairs of two, facing upwards, one above the other.
2. Glue the pairs of boxes together at their sides, then glue the three sets on top of one another, so that it looks like a little chest of drawers.
3. Now, it’s time to decorate! Use the ruler and pencil to measure out a piece of wrapping paper to cover the sides, top and bottom of your jewellery box. Ask an adult to help you to cut neatly along the lines.
4. Spread glue on the paper and cover your box one side at a time. For the front of each ‘drawer’ measure and cut smaller pieces of paper, and paste them on, too. Stick a bead on each one so it works like a little handle.
5. Stick on any other decorations you have, like diamantés, glitter, beads – anything you fancy!


Make your own party hat to suit your special occasion.

You will need:
• A paper plate
• Scissors
• String or ribbon
• Markers
• Glue / stapler and staples
• Glitter, jewels, stickers (anything to decorate your one-of-a-kind hat)

How to make it:
1. Draw two lines from the middle of the paper plate, marking off one third of it.
2. Cut along the lines so you’re left with two-thirds of the plate.
3. Fold into a cone shape and glue or staple the overlapped sides together. If using glue, make sure the edges are stuck together firmly.
4. Cut a hole on either side of the bottom of the cone. Thread a piece of string or ribbon through each hole (measure the length to fit around the chin) and tie knots on the inside to secure. Now decorate your party hat!


You will need:
• An empty cereal box
• A ruler
• Scissors
• Paint in three different colours
• Glue

How to make it:
1. Lay the cereal box down on a table or flat surface. Using the scissors, cut along the top edge of the box at the back (against the table), then cut down each side to about 10cm from the bottom of the box.
2. Now cut along the sides and front of the box so you are left with a box that’s short in front and long at the back.
3. Next, fold the back of the box over the front. If it overlaps the front, cut it so the flap is a little bit shorter than 10cm.
4. Now paint the box. Choose a colour for the back and two sides, and paint the front flap to look like a fox’s face (you can use red, white and black or any other colours you like).
5. Lastly, from the leftover cardboard cut out the shape of the fox’s tail, paint it and glue it to the back of the box.


What you will need:
• An empty glass bottle such as a chutney or tomato sauce bottle
• A few small stones or a handful of small pebbles
• Ribbon
• Water
• A pretty flower or flowers

How to make it:
1. If your bottle has any labels, soak it in warm water to remove them. If there’s stubborn glue left over, use nail-polish remover to clean it off.
2. Wash and rinse the bottle. Once it’s dry, put a few small stones or
a handful of pebbles in the bottom to make it more stable and less likely to tip over.
3. Tie a pretty ribbon round it, fill it with water then put your flower or  flowers in it and give it to your Valentine.

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