Hair typing, made famous by Oprah's hairstylist Andre Walker, is a method of identifying your curl pattern. Knowing your type can be a helpful guide to caring and styling your natural hair.

To find out your hair type, you first need to stop heat styling and chemical straightening for at least three months. Then take a close look at your roots. Your curl pattern will fall into one of these categories, so take our tips on the best products and treatments to try.

Straight Hair – Type 1
This hair type has no bend to the hair strand. You will benefit from using volumising products to bring body to the roots.

Wavy Hair – Type 2
This hair type can vary from a loose gentle bend to more defined waves and ringlets. Get the most out of your waves by scrunching in curl-defining products.

Curly Hair – Type 3A
Loose springy curls. Apply a de-frizzing curl cream and use your fingers to shape the curl without the frizz.

Type 3B
Coarse, bouncy ringlets. Use a moisture-boosting styling gel to hydrate dry strands.

Type 3C
Tight corkscrew curls that vary in width with lots of natural volume. Opt for co-washing and go for a sulphate-free, creamy shampoo as it won’t dry out your hair. Deep conditioning once a week will also keep strands moisturised.

Coily Hair – Type 4A
S-shaped corkscrew coils. Avoid silicone-based styling products as they might temporarily reduce frizz but cause dehydration and breakage in the long run. Use Dark and Lovely detangling and moisture LOC sprays and go for regular trims to keep split ends and breakage under control.

Type 4B
Z-shaped, densely packed coils. Natural oils from your scalp have a harder time lubricating all the way down the hair shaft because of the tight coil. This can leave your hair drier than other hair types. Apply a rich leave-in conditioner and seal your strands with jojoba oil, which not only puts the shine back but absorbs right into the hair shaft to restore moisture, strength and bounce.

Type 4C
Similar to 4B, but with a higher hair density, coarser strands and less curl definition. Use oils and deep-conditioning treatments like ORS Hair Mayonnaise on a regular basis. This will strengthen hair and eliminate frizz without causing product build-up.

Treat scalp conditions and boost hair growth with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that remove dead skin cells from the scalp while stimulating hair follicles for growth. Treat hairline balding with Dark and Lovely S.O.S Hairline Treatment.


By Deevya Vasson Lalla

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