Easter is a time for family, friends, sharing and grateful for and appreciative of those you love. We also get to have fun with making Easter crafts and taking a break from school!

Here’s how to make special Easter egg stands for your family and friends.

You need:
Cardboard or cereal box

1. Cut out the Easter bunny’s head, ears and collar provided here.
2. Use glue to stick the bunny’s face on a boiled egg (ask a grown-up to boil the egg for you).
3, Stick the ears on the back of the egg, so they stick out.
4. Glue the collar to cardboard (eg a cereal box) and cut a slit on the far-left end, enough to slip the flap in to close the collar.
5. Finally, place the egg in the collar and there you have it, a clever Easter egg stand.

Here’s how to make an egg-shaped card that opens and a chick pops out.

You need:
Craft glue
Sheet of paper
Coloured craft card
Paper fasteners
Decorations of your choice

1. Fold a sheet of paper in half to create an egg template. Draw half an egg shape so that the centre of the egg runs along the fold line. Cut out the shape and open it out.
2. Place your template on a sheet of card and draw around it and cut out. Then cut the card ‘egg’ in half with a zigzag line, so that it looks like it’s cracked open.
3. Decorate your egg halves with paper flowers, pom poms or stickers. Cut out a chick shape. Add the eyes and the beak. Glue the chick to the bottom half of the egg so that the chick looks like it’s inside the egg when viewed from the front.
4. Put the halves of the egg together so that the zigzag edges overlap slightly. Make a small hole near one edge that goes through both laters. Join them together with paper fasteners, so you can open and close the egg.

This is ideal for the little ones. Make this jigsaw-style animal picture on lolly sticks – it’s so easy and your kids will love it!

You need:
Paint Brush
Masking Tape
6 Jumbo Lollipop Sticks
Poster Paints

1. If you are not using pre-painted sticks, paint the lollipop sticks and leave it to dry.
2. Lay them out in a row on a flat surface and use masking tape to secure the sticks together.
3. Paint your favourite Easter animal on the sticks and leave to dry. Then do another coat of paint if needed.
4. Remove the masking tape and shuffle the sticks, then play a game of putting it back together again!

Dress up as the Easter bunny with this fluffy face-framer!

You need:
PVA Glue
Paint brush
2 Paper Plates (23cm in diameter)
A sheet of thick pink card
White card (for the teeth)
3 Craft Pipe Cleaners
Jumbo Lollipop Stick (30cm long)
Clothes pegs
Cotton Wool Balls

1. Start by cutting out a circle of about 14cm in diameter out of the middle of each plate.
2. Using the pink card, cut out two ears of approximately 20cm each. Then cut a pair of rabbit teeth of 5cm from the white card.
3. Cut the craft pipe cleaners in half to make 6 whiskers.
4. Put one of the paper plates on a work surface and glue the lollipop stick to the bottom edge of the plate to make a handle. Glue the ears to the top edge and stick 3 whiskers on each side. Remember to leave it to dry completely.
5. Apply glue to the inner and outer edges of the place and place the other cut-out plate on top to sandwich them together. Hold the edges in place with clothes pegs until it’s completely dry.
6. Stick cotton wool balls over the plate and on the outer edges of the ears.

1. Set up a night-time hunt for older children by waiting for sunset and then sticking a glowstick into small eggs before hiding them in the garden. If you don’t have glow sticks give each child a torch to hunt for their eggs
2. For a daytime hunt, print out our Easter egg hunt signs here.
3. Or make them work for their treats. Hide a set of exercise instructions with each of the eggs, for example, ‘do 5 bunny hops’ down the passage, ‘run around the house twice’ or ‘do 10-star jumps’ to earn their reward.
4. If the rain stops play, set up the hunt indoors with clues leading to one giant Easter basket.

Have a blessed Easter, Jet Club Family!

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