You want to look good on holiday, sure, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack a truckload of cosmetics. Our guide to perfect packing will help you travel lighter and stay looking beautiful.

There are so many products on the market these days to help keep us looking our best and achieve a perfect complexion. That’s fine if you have the time and the space in your cupboard for a host of different beauty products, but if you’re trying to fit all those goodies into one toiletry bag, you need a travel kit that is super streamlined. 

Packing light also ensures a grooming strategy that’s quicker and easier to follow – and that means more time to actually enjoy your holiday! We grilled two make-up pros on what they do to turn product overload into the perfectly organised toiletry bag for all their cosmetic needs.

Hate it when your face wash leaks in your bag? Think products that are less risky, says make-up artist Ryno Mulder. He suggests limiting messy products by swapping out items like face wash and make-up remover with all-in-one make-up wipes that cleanse and hydrate. That way, you rule out the threat of a ruined bag and other products getting unnecessarily mucky. You’re also saving on space by packing a multipurpose product.

On the subject of versatility, packing products that do more than one job is fundamental to better travel. Go multipurpose, says Mulder. He recommends products like stick foundation that doubles as concealer. Liquid foundation can cause an unholy mess if it leaks in your bag and can permanently ruin other items of luggage like clothing or shoes, so a stick saves you space and stress.

If you don’t need heavy coverage, an alphabet cream (BB/CC) that contains SPF, hydration, skincare benefits and a tint in one shot, is a winner. ‘A cream bronzer or blush that works as a lip tint – and even eyeshadow – is also a smart choice,’ says Mulder. Then all you have to add is mascara, and your holiday cosmetics are sorted.

Make-up artist Sarah Hoberman is a fan of a few clever packing hacks to ensure she saves on suitcase space and protects her precious products. ‘Put a small piece of bubble wrap in your compacts (lodged between the mirror and the actual product) like eyeshadow palettes or blushers,’ she says. Doing this provides a soft cushioning in case of knocks, as compact powders can break very easily, she explains. 

She also suggests wrapping a piece of tissue paper around the hairs of your make-up brushes (secured with an elastic band) to keep the hairs of the brush together so they don’t end up sticking out in all directions. Another trick of Hoberman’s is to use several small toiletry bags rather than a big one. ‘The less movement the better,’ she says, ‘and this keeps things neat and compact.’

Don’t have handy multi-use products to take on your travels? Here’s how to make your own, using what you have already.

  • Tinted moisturiser: Simply mix one tablespoon of your daily facial cream with one tablespoon of foundation, and store your blend in a mini-sized travel bottle.
  • Mini-sized containers: ‘I decant as many liquids as possible into plastic travel-size pots, as these save space and the risk of mess due to breakage,’ says Hoberman.
  • Colour pot: ‘Melt a bit of lipstick into Vaseline and mix well,’ says Hoberman. ‘Once it sets again, it’s a tinted colour balm that can be used as a blush, lip tint or even eye colour.’

By Helen Clemson 

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