3 DIY Kids Valentine's Gifts

Searching for fun and easy ideas for Valentine crafts for kids #JetClubFamily? You and your children can create great Valentine's Day gifts, from bath bombs to paper flowers. There’s something for everyone. So ready, steady, craft with our how-to video. 😄

Posted by Jet Club on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Have fun with your kids by making your own gifts! It’s thoughtful, super easy, and tons of fun, not to mention it’s the perfect activity to keep little hands busy. Here are three Valentine’s gift ideas to treat your loved ones.

Bath bombs are great for a soothing, relaxing bath for mom or dad, and kids can have fun with bright colours and sparkles. This basic recipe makes creating your own bath bombs easy. Plus they make great Valentine’s Day gifts!

· A large mixing bowl
· 1 cup bicarbonate of soda
· 1/4 cup cream of tartar
· 1/2 cup cornflour
· 1/2 cup epsom salts
· A few drop of essential oil (like lavender, geranium, citrus, peppermint or rose)
· 3 Tbsp coconut oil
· 1 Tbsp water (if needed)
· Silicone moulds or ice trays (or even a small muffin pan)
· Sparkles (optional)
· Food colouring in any colour (optional)

  1. Put all your dry ingredients (including the sparkles if using) into a large bowl and whisk or stir until well mixed and blended.
  2. Slowly add all the wet ingredients and mix gently, being careful not to slop over the sides of the bowl. Your mixture should resemble damp sand. If it’s too dry, add a tablespoon of water and mix again until blended.
  3. Spoon the mixture into your silicone moulds, ice trays or muffin pans. Once evenly distributed, use a spoon to press down the mixture until it is nice and compact.
  4. Move your mould to a cold place or fridge and leave until set.
  5. Remove carefully from the moulds onto a completely dry surface (the minute your bath bombs touch water they’ll start fizzing!). Put into a gift bag or box and you’re done.


· Sheets of tissue paper (if you don’t have tissue paper you can use any other paper that’s not too thick)
· Stapler (or thin wire, or a needle and thread)
· Scissors
· Plastic straws

  1. If using tissue paper, stack four sheets on top of one another (if using thicker paper use just one or two, depending on the thickness).
  2. Starting at the short end, fold down the top 2cm. Now turn the stack over and fold down again. Continue turning and folding until all the paper is folded into an accordion-shaped pile.
  3. Staple the middle of the pile (or simply wind thin wire around it, or tie tightly with string or thread), and cut off the loose ends.
  4. Use scissors to cut both edges of each fold of paper into a rounded shape (or zig-zag, or wavy or whatever you like).
  5. Staple one end of the straw to the middle point of the folded paper (or use a thick needle and thread to secure it).
  6. Fan out the folds and separate each layer carefully so you don’t tear the paper. Fluff and shape the flower until it looks pretty.


· Assorted sweets of your choice
· Ribbons, raffia or string
· Glue
· Decorations of your choice (small enough to fit on the jars)
· Glass jars of your choice (you can use different sizes for different kinds of sweets)

  1. First make sure your glass jars are clean. Even if they are brand-new, give them a rinse and allow to dry completely. If they are used jars, wash and rinse them, then fill with boiling water to sterilise them (pour boiling water into the lids too). Let them stand until the water is cool, then throw it out and dry your jars and lids thoroughly.
  2. Fill the jars with your choice of sweets. Choose ones that are bright and colourful – and the smaller the better because the smaller the sweets, the more you’ll get in the jar! Or, you could use a big jar and fill it with nice big marshmallows.
  3. Close the jars tightly and tie a ribbon, raffia or string around the necks.
  4. Decorate the jars – use glue to apply stickers, cut-out paper shapes, glitter or anything else you have that makes them look pretty.

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