Choosing just the right fragrance for you may seem like a lengthy process, but once you find the perfect one, it’s magical! 

Think about it, when you remember your favourite holiday, you immediately attach a scent to it. When you think of your favourite meal, what smell comes to mind? What about the first time you met your partner? The truth is that each time you smell that familiar scent, it takes you straight back to your fondest memories. This is why choosing a scent that’s unique to you is so important. Look at it as an essential accessory. One that works with all your looks, and, most importantly, leaves a lasting impression.

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What’s the difference between EDT and EDP?
EDT stands for Eau De Toilette – a lighter fragrance that lasts four to five hours and is more affordable.

EDP stands for Eau De Parfum – a richer fragrance that lasts longer than EDT and is usually pricier.

Know what you’re looking for
A good place to start is to understand what you like most. Once you know the basics between floral, oriental, wood, and citrus it becomes a lot easier to understand the various complementary notes.
Floral: These scents are very feminine and often quite sweet. If you’re fond of roses, lilies, or potpourri, this type of fragrance may be for you.
Wood: A woody scent is quite deep and heavy, even earthy. Think about tobacco, wood fires, or leather sofas.
Citrus: Zesty, fresh and summery. Think lemon, grapefruit, and orange. These scents are bold and bright and will instantly take you to breezy summer days.
Oriental: These scents are known to be sensual, sweet, and warm. You’ll instantly recognise notes of vanilla, amber, jasmine, or even chai tea.

Understand the notes

A fragrance has top, middle, and base notes. Choosing a fragrance depends on which combination you prefer. Top notes are usually the ones you smell first, then they fade and the heart and base notes linger a bit longer. You’ll smell the base notes the longest. Heart notes include spice, floral, citrus, vanilla, or herbal, and common base notes include musk, amber, or wood. Some notes are found in both lighter and stronger fragrances. It’s important to pick something that will not overwhelm your senses. Floral, citrus, vanilla, and herbal heart notes, as well as musk and amber base notes, are more common in sweeter or refreshing fragrances.

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Don’t try too many scents on at once
Because scents are activated by your body heat, you want to give each scent time to develop on your skin. Try to limit the number of fragrances you try to three and place each fragrance on different parts of your body – far enough to be able to tell the difference when you’re no longer in store. Try putting one scent on each wrist and perhaps another on the inner part of your elbow. Then wear these scents for at least half a day. This way you’re giving the scent time to naturally settle and develop on your skin and you’re giving yourself time to appreciate and understand what works best for you.

Make it last
  • Ensure your skin is well moisturised as the perfume will last and settle better.
  • Avoid spritzing perfume directly onto your clothes. Not only will this stain your clothes, but you won’t get the best value out of your fragrance.
  • Perfume is activated by body heat. Spritz on your pulse points (inside of your wrists, inside of your elbows, behind your ears, and your neck) to make your perfume last longer.
  • Rub a little petroleum jelly on the areas to which you will apply your fragrance – this will make it last longer.

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Now that you know the basics, go on and have fun finding the right fragrance for yourself – one that engages all your senses!

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