Your shoes tick the final fashion box for your outfit, but they sometimes need a bit of help in the comfort department. Take our tips for happy feet and long-wearing footwear.


Tape for Toes
Heels add a little bit of height but a whole lot of confidence. When wearing high heels, all of your weight is brought to bear on the ball of your foot just below the toes. 

Hack: Did you know that by taping your third and fourth toes together (counting from your big toe, so the two before your little toe) you relieve the pressure on a nerve found between these toes? This is where toe cramp usually comes from. Use any tape, but for open-toe shoes use one that’s skin coloured.

The Blistering Truth
The most common pain faced when wearing pumps is that of chafing – mainly on the back of the heel and the pinky toe. Pumps also offer no arch support because they’re so flat, so you might find your lower back is achy after wearing them for long periods. Invest in a good inner sole that cushions the arch of your foot.

Hack: Rubbing the sole of your foot with a dry stick deodorant helps to absorb moisture which can cause your foot to slip in and out of the shoe. This will reduce chafing and blistering, and also help with odour. Another option is to cut a panty liner in half and stick it to the inner back of the shoe, which works as well as a plaster.

Slippery Slope
Ever bought the most glorious shoes, only to leave them lying in your cupboard because the soles are so smooth that you end up slipping and sliding, especially on smooth surfaces like tiles?

Hack: You can roughen the soles of your shoes with a grater or a stiff wire brush, to give you more grip and save you from looking as though you’re practising a weird dance.

Breaking in
Not all shoes, especially heels, are comfortable at first. What you need to do is wear them in before you go out in them for hours at a time.

Hack: Put a pair of thick socks on your feet, then put on your heels. Using a hairdryer, blast hot air over them for a minute or two, to soften the shoe. Walk around in the house until your heels have completely cooled down – now they will be molded perfectly to your foot.


1. Keep your shoes in shape by stuffing them with newspaper. It also absorbs moisture and odour.

2. Protect suede shoes in wet weather by using a water-resistant spray.

3. The soles of your shoes take the most punishment. You can get removable sticky sole protectors at shoe repair shops, to help the sole last longer.

4. Use a pool noodle cut to size in long boots when storing them in your closet, to help them keep their shape.

5. Polish and clean your shoes regularly. There are many good products on the market that are designed to prolong the life of your footwear.

6. Keep embellished or expensive shoes in a drawstring bag to avoid chafing and damage.

7. Sneakers need a wipe down as well. Those with white soles will look newer for longer if you simply use an old toothbrush and mild soap.

8. Don’t throw your shoeboxes away. They were made specifically to store your shoes.

9. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes for days in a row. Shoes need time to breathe and recover their shape.

10. Did you know that leaving a tea bag in your shoes overnight can help get rid of odours?

Always keep these handy in your shoe closet:

Inner soles:
These provide cushiony soft relief from hard soles. They also help too-big shoes to fit better.

Heel support:
Flat shoes put strain on your heels – these elevate and give support.

Ball-of-foot cushions:
These provide relief from the pressure of wearing high heels.

Heel grips:
These prevent your feet from slipping in and out of your shoes, and cushion against hard inner backs that aren’t worn in.

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