You don’t need a perfect body to look amazing. Whether you’re on the beach or glamming it up, Here’s how to boost your best features this season.

Your shoulders and hips are about the same width and your waist is tiny, so you’re well balanced, with perfect curves.

Best party wear:
Fitted styles with clean lines that draw in at the waist – like the tight at the waist dress worn by Beyoncé on the red carpet. Or accessorise your outfits with a waist-hugging belt to highlight your shape. Bold, solid colours also complement your figure. Steer clear of ruffles, frills, bows and wide collars that will make you look top-heavy. Flouncy, gathered skirts will also throw off your perfect proportions.

Best beach wear:
You can rock any style of swimwear, but avoid boy-leg bottoms that will distort your proportions or mask those curves.

Your hips are wider than your shoulders, giving you a tiny upper body and waist with a full, curvy lower half.

Best party wear:
To create the illusion of broader shoulders, go for strapless and boat-neck tops and dresses that will minimise your lower half and focus attention upward, like this pink strapless dress worn by J.Lo. Wearing a bright, bold top with a dark skirt or pants will also balance out your figure. Avoid cargo pants and jeans with bulky pockets, as they will draw attention to your hips and thighs.

Best beach wear:
To create the illusion of a bigger bust and smaller hips, choose a patterned or embellished costume that’s padded for extra cleavage. You could also go for a mix-and-match bikini with a light-coloured top and a dark bottom (light colours make you appear bigger; dark colours make you look smaller).

You have narrow hips and slender legs with a short, full mid-section and broad upper body.

Monochromatic colours will create the illusion of length. Short patterned dresses, like the one Tyra Banks is wearing, show off and draw attention to her long legs. V-neck tops will also make your torso appear longer. Go for bootleg jeans – avoid skinny jeans, leggings or tights, as they will put the spotlight on the width of your upper body.

Best beach wear:
This body shape often comes with really good legs, so make the most of them with a patterned or embellished bikini bottom that draws attention to your legs. A V-neck or halter-neck bikini top will draw attention away from your wide midsection.

You have an athletic, slim build and your waist, hips and shoulders are of similar width. You might not be curvy, but your figure is very easy to dress.

A lighter colour at your shoulders and a darker waist section will create the illusion of a more pronounced waist, as dark colours make you appear smaller. For a fuller lower half, go for pleated or flouncy skirts, and wear jeans or trousers with pockets and embellishments just like Jada Pinkett-Smith. Avoid over-sized, baggy clothing – there’s a difference between boyish and shapeless!

Best beach wear:
You probably want to make your boxy, boyish shape appear more curvy. You can create the illusion of curves by wearing a strapless boobtube or a halter top. Stay away from spaghetti-strap tops as the thin vertical lines would draw attention to your relatively straight figure.

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